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 Hakuda Class

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Tatsuya Ankoku
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PostSubject: Hakuda Class   Sat Jan 16, 2010 7:26 pm

Tatsuya followed his schedule and made his way outside of the academy. He had been walking around for the longest time trying to figure out where this next class was supposed to be that after a while he just kinda gave up and strolled around the academy for a while. Though, he got caught by a teacher and used the "Im New" excuse to get off with directions and a warning. After making his way down the path outside of the Academy it now lead him to a place that seemed like a Dojo of sorts. Outside of the Dojo was a track, field, and other exercise equipment. Walking inside of the Dojo, it was completely empty, except for a lone man standing clear across the Dojo from him. "Hey...are you the teac--" "Silence!" Tatsuya was caught off guard, "What's your problem? I came here to participate in "Hakuda Class"....or whatever, if you're not the teacher then say so, douche bag." The man stood there, complete unphased by Tatsuya's words. "Whatever...." Tatsuya turned around to make his way out of the door to leave, but now the man from before was in front of him. "What the fu--" BAM! That was all that was heard as a fist struck Tatsuya in the face, sending him sprawling across the wooden floor of the Dojo and clear across the room.

Tatsuya attempted to stand up, but the force from that punch had an astounding affect on him. The room was spinning and he couldn't regain his balance, but regardless of that he stood up. Once again, the man appeared in front of Tatsuya and threw yet another punch, this one aimed at his abdomen. Once it impacted, all of the air in Tatsuya's lungs quickly rushed out, sending saliva spewing into the air. The man then followed up his attack with a downward kick to Tatsuya's back, sending him crashing into the ground, planks of the wooded floor cracking under the pressure. Tatsuya couldn't understand what was going on, not just the fact that he was getting randomly attacked, but the fact that this man was attacking him so brutally and there was nothing he could do about it. This mans power was ridiculous. The only thing that was crazier than this mans power was the speed that he was displaying. An obvious example of this speed would have to have been when he somehow instantaneously transported from across the room to in front of him in the blink of an eye. But these thoughts were soon cut short by the booming voice that this man had, or rather maybe since Tatsuya's head was pounding he just sounded entirely louder. "You arrive at the end of class, you disrespect me in my Dojo, and then you have the audacity to turn around a leave?! Stand Now!!" Tatsuya, not one to turn down someones offer that might end an ass whooping tried his best to stand, but his body was now feeling weak, and it was becoming harder to breathe.

After a couple of minutes of trying he finally made it up on his feet, wobbling all the while. "Now...tell me, what is your name student?" Still breathing hard, Tatsuya tried to respond, "My...my name...?" The instructor rolled his eyes, "Yes, your name? Or do I need to beat you down some more before you remember what it is?" Tatsuya shook his head, "My name...Is Tatsuya...Anokoku..." The instructor nodded, "I see, so you're the idiot that the kido teacher was telling me about...Now your actions make some sense." Tatsuya began to grumble, what was so important about him that his name was spreading throughout the school. Tatsuya could understand if there was something good about them that they were spreading around, but so far it just seemed that everyone here a negative view about him. "You know, no one here wants you to succeed..." Tatsuya began to chuckle, "You don't think I figured that out already? That kido teacher you were just talking about already told me I should just drop out. I actually had considered doing it, but then I realized I'd just be proving him right." The man began to smile, "That's good to hear....you remind me a lot of myself when I was your age. When I first arrived here no one expected me to amount to anything, both the students and especially the teachers. I could never understand why it was that I was treated this way, I thought maybe it was because my Zanjutsu skills weren't up to par, or maybe because I couldn't quite master that one kido spell. Soon enough though, I realized it wasn't because of what I could and couldn't do, but rather because of who and were I was from. I came from a poor district in Rukongai, and most of the people here in this academy either come from well off districts or are from noble families. This academy trains these people to become one of the symbols of all of Soul Society, A Shinigami. Who would want to see a shinigami that was the same as any other commoner found in Rukongai? A Shinigami is supposed to be a symbol of prestige and honor, do you think they'd want you be a shini--" BAM!

Before the instructor could finish his sentence Tatsuya had delivered a solid punch to the mans jaw. "Haha, all that talking left you open...Guess you're not as good as you thought." The man took a step back, but was ultimately unphased by the attack, much to Tatsuya's surprise. "That was a good attack, but next time please wait until I finish speaking, this does nothing more than piss me off..." Within that same breathe the man lunged forward, sending an uppercut to Tatsuya's jaw. The punch sent Tatsuya flying upwards, soon crashing back into the wooden floor. "Now...Like I was saying before. "To the others here, they regard you as trash, and so far you've simply been proving to them that their assumptions about you were correct. Think about how you carry yourself around here. Try to give 100% to your studies and make sure that the only words they speak to you have to be words of praise." Tatsuya, still laying on the ground began to nod, "I understand....." "Good, now class will start up tomorrow, and make sure that you're actually here tomorrow. While you were in here you missed zanjutsu class, so be sure to try and make your best impression in that class also. Now it's time you head back to your dorm and get some rest..." Tatsuya nodded once more but then answered back with a question of his own. "What's your name?" "Heh, my name is Leeroy Jenkins..." "Ok then Leeroy....thanks for the advice...I guess..." "Don't mention it, now get out of here." Tatsuya picked himself up off the floor and made his way out of the Dojo, heading back to his dorm for some much needed rest.

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Jacob Bishop
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PostSubject: Re: Hakuda Class   Sun Jan 17, 2010 3:14 am

Following the map in his hands Jacob swiftly exited the dorm rooms, eventually arriving at the building labeled as the Hakuda Dojo. From the outside the building appeared completely normal and so Jacob didnt dwell on its appearance simply stepping into it without pause. As he stepped into the large room he noticed that several other students had already arrived and were standing at attention across the dojo. Deciding it best to follow suit Jacob strode over to the others and lined up his hands tucked firmly at his sides as he awaited the commencement of the class. Upon lining up he noticed that the weight challenged female he had been directed by earlier sat cross legged on the floor directly infront of the class.

For several minutes the class stood lined up waiting for the deathly thin woman to begin the class and eventually a few students began to chatter amongst themselves having grown frustrated from the lack of action. Without warning one of the students who was deep in animated conversation was sent hurtling across the room, the skinny girl standing just centimers from the students previous position. "Hey what was that for." demanded one of the students who'd been in conversation with the boy who was now halfway across the classroom groaning in pain. The thin woman seemingly ignored him though as she calmly walked back to where she had been seated her hands clasped behind her back.

"My name is Suzuna Masahiro. I am the tutor for Hakuda. I have only 4 rules in my class. First rule of Hakuda class;you arrive on time everytime lateness shall not be tolerated. Second rule of Hakuda class, you are to use your full capacity at all times, halfhearted attempts will be dealt with severely. Third rule of Hakuda class, you do not under any circumstances question me or speak until given leave to." Pausing briefly she shot an icy glare at the student who'd demanded she explain her actions previously. "Now that i've said that i want you to form a single file line infront of me." She barked out in a voice nowhere near similar to the one she used when she had directed Jacob. "You missed out the 4th rule" the same student who'd spoken up before stated, clearly unfazed by the glare that she'd imparted to him before. Suzuna sighed briefly before disappearing in a burst of speed. The sound of fist meeting face echoed out of the Dojo as she reappeared her fist in the place where the rude student's face had been before. "The 4th rule is simple. Adhere to the first 3 rules and i wont be forced to discipline you." She stated as she turned back to look at the rest of the class who'd frozen in fear halfway through executing her order. "Didnt i say i wanted a single file line?" she snarled as she made her way back to the front of the class.

Moving as quickly as possible the Jacob and the rest of the class moved into a single line, the two boys who'd been privy to the instructors skills in Hakuda being the last to line up. As they lined up Suzuna explained the excercise, they were to each hit her in any way they saw fit and she'd place them in a category based on how they did. Jacob's first instinct was to drop out of the excercise, something about hitting someone who appeared so frail seemed wrong to him. But as the line moved forward and each student took their shot it became abundantly obvious that Suzuna could not only dish out a good hit, but that she could take one just as well. Eventually it was jacob's turn to take his shot and by now all his wariness had all but disappeared. Dropping into the standard fighting stance Jacob eyed the teacher infront of him. Even in his slightly lowered stance he still towered over her significantly. For a split second indecision crossed his face, but it was soon eliminated when he remembered that 20 or so students had hit her before him and she appeared to have not even a single mark on her.

In one fluid movement Jacob had raised his leg, twisted to the left on his instep and sent a perfect roundhouse kick towards Suzuna's head. With a load crack his leg met with the arm that suzuna had raised in order to protect herself. "Good form, nice speed and the kick was quite powerful. I'll put you in category 1." Suzuna stated calmly as Jacob slowly lowered his leg before walking off to where 2 other students were standing. The remainder of the lesson was spent with the left over students attacking Suzuna and being placed in their categories. Jacob's category ended up having 5 members, including himself. A tall curvaceous girl with flowing pink hair, muscley twin boys with pitch black hair and a shorter girl with dark blue hair, made up category 1's other members.

At the close of the lesson Suzuna called the entire class forward. "Tommorow we will begin the sparing sessions so be prepared for hard work and alot of pain." she stated before dismissing the class. Mumbling as they went the class slowly filed out Jacob at the forefront of the pack. Whilst some of the students had no further lessons for the day they decided to hang about and talk about the lesson they'd just had. Fortunately for Jacob he didnt have the luxury of time to do so as he immediatelly had to set off at pace towards his next class, which judging from his schedule would be Kido class.

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Hakuda Class
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