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 Reikon Hanpa

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Reikon Hanpa
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PostSubject: Reikon Hanpa   Sun Jan 17, 2010 11:02 am

Name: Reikon Hanpa

Age: 678

Visual Age: 22

Gender: Female

Division: 13


General Appearance:

Reikon is pale, beautiful, and depressing. She is almost never smiling, her eyes always looking like they are about to fill with tears. Her eyes themselves are a crimson color, with deep black pupils(duh). Her hair is down to the middle of her back, ebony in color, her bangs hanging around her pale face, framing it. Her face is slightly rounded, her eyes large and her lips thin. She has a cute button nose, and a small chin. Hanpa's teeth are a brilliant white, perfectly aligned, her tongue pink and on the long side. Her neck is slightly longer than average, but this is hardly noticeable. She is tall for her visual age and gender, standing at five foot eight or so. Reikon is more than thin, she is practically a twig. Her muscles are nearly invisible unless she is exerting herself, they are powerful but thin. Like metal chords. Reikon's skin is fair as it is pale, her veins protruding and showing as if her skin were completely invisible. Reikon has an average bust, nothing to brag about but she definitely isn't flat chested. Her legs are smooth and on the long side, her feet small. She always paints both her fingernails and toenails a shade of black. Hanpa's hands are longer, her fingers bony and almost clawlike. Reikon usually wears a red kimono with some form of black flower pattern upon it, carrying her zanpakuto at her waist. The zanpakuto's handle is made of willow wood, wrapped in a scarlet silk to provide a comfortable grip. A brass piece of metal covers the pommel of the handle. The crossguard is in the form of a skull, made of a brass similar to the pommel. The blade is about four feet in length, made of a perfect silver steel without a single scratch or nick in the blade. The sheath is made of the same willow wood as the handle, with kanji for 'the seven seas' burned into the top. All along her arms and stomach are scars from her past life.

Reiatsu color: Cyan

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 100 lbs.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Crimson

Body Type: Slim

*Additional Information: Her body is covered in scars from a past life. She also has a tattoo on her right shoulder blade, which depicts a sparrow flying over water toward a sun which is setting on the horizon.


General Personality: Reikon is sad person in general. She constantly looks as if she is about to cry, which is most likely true. She is very sensitive, making her not very good at taking insults or being teased. This sensitivity has shown Reikon what pain insults and teasing can bring, and so she refuses to partake in any form of it. Hanpa is a caring character, not common amongst her warriors these days. She takes care of everyone in her ranks like they are her children, but this doesn't mean she spoils them. A strong believer in fair and firm parenting, she would never spoil a single one of the children she had, should she ever have a child. Reikon has a deep-seeded mistrust of men in general, and will automatically go on defensive when one walks by. She has learned to accept that she has to work with men eventually, and so has taken a new outlook on her Captain. Though he is her Captain, and much stronger than herself, she still thinks of him like a brother. Reikon is generally pacifistic, and chooses to kill with a single blow rather than drag out a fight. With a love for any and all seafood and ramen, Reikon is often found in town within a gigai, snacking at the local bars and restaurants when out on a mission in the World of the Living. While she is sensitive and relatively pacifistic, she harbours a need to protect her 'sisters' and 'brothers'. She will attack and kill anyone who attempts to harm one of these people, unless they have it under control. Hanpa fears her zanpakuto, and prefers not to release it unless she is forced to.

*Likes: Silence, The company of her peers, Tea

*Dislikes: Large crowds, small spaces, Seeing others hurt, Bullies

*Hobbies: Reading, Taking walks

*Habits: She stares off into the distance, and automatically cringes when a man comes near her

Fears: Men, Her Zanpakuto, Watching her allies die.


Reikon was born on a sunny July afternoon in the town of Karakura. At the point in time she was born in the town was really a village, very primitive and low-tech compared to the Karakura of the present. She was born to a family of eight, her mother and father having birthed three children before her and four after. She was the only girl of the family besides her mother, who wasn't around often anyway. Her father was handicapped, so though it was unusual for a woman to do so, the mother brought in their income. As a result of being left alone with men all day, Reikon become very fit and was able to take care of herself. However, as the other four grew up she began to lose her ability to handle herself, being outnumbered seven to one. She began to become very shy, and very sensitive. When she came to her parents with cuts and bruises because of her brothers her father would tell her to toughen up and her mother would send her off due to the fact that she was far too busy for such petty things.

At the age of twelve she dropped out of school to help around the house, and to get a part time job to raise the family. The eldest two of the sons had gone off to war, the eldest that was left was just a bit too young to join the army. He, however, was far too busy with school to help around the house. So it was left to Reikon and her mother to take care of eight men, a house, and a job each. They somehow managed, though Reikon began to hate men at a young age because of what she had to go through. She spent her entire teenage life in the house or at the local flower shop where she worked, never having time for friends or anything of the sort. Her boss was an angry old man who would constantly insult her and yell at her for doing things wrong, yet another thing that would mold her into the fragile soul she would become.

When Reikon hit the age of adulthood she would be married off to a man she had never met. Her mother wanted her to live with a man who would be able to support a family, not that the family included Reikon in her mind. Reikon would spend the next four years of her life living in fear. The man had the money and rank in the military to comfortably raise a family of three sons, but their mother was a different story. She was hardly ever given food, even though she cooked it, and was constantly beaten by her father. The sons did nothing to stop it, though they swore blind to her that they wanted him to stop. The day before her twenty third birthday would be the last day of her life. Her husband came home drunk, and began to beat her senseless. When she awoke he was standing over her, ready to have his way with her. She kicked him square between the legs and crawled away. When she was able to stand she ran to the woods near her home. There she removed the tanto blade she had stolen from him. She would slit her throat as she listened to him screaming for her and threatening her.

Reikon woke up as a baby in the Rukongai. She was in the 15th district, which wasn't bad for children. She had a caring psuedo-family. However, Reikon would never approach her father, nor would she every approach her brother. She clung to her mother, and hid behind her apron whenever the other two were in the area. No one knew why this was but Reikon, and no one asked out of respect. One day, at the visible age of nine, she passed out from hunger. The mother had been a cook in the living world, but hadn't cooked for a hundred or so years. She quickly gathered what she could and prepared a meal for the daughter. When Reikon awoke to food she also noticed a man in a black kimono sitting at the table. The man was nice, but Reikon still avoided eye contact. He was apparently a part of the family she had gathered before running off to the soul society. He came home on vacation as soon as he had heard about how his new sister had developed powers.

Reikon spent a week alone with this man, training with him to use her powers in the form of 'kidou'. This form of magic was interesting to her, and she really liked it. She began to get closer to the shinigami, and by the seventh day almost made eye contact with him. However, her fear of men was overpowering and he would leave without so much as a good bye from her. She would spend the rest of her days in district 15 training herself and eating what she could. At the visual age of twenty she would join the shinigami academy.

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PostSubject: Re: Reikon Hanpa   Sun Jan 17, 2010 3:44 pm


I would ask you take out the last sentence on the history though

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Reikon Hanpa
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