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 The Return Home{Closed}[Wip]

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PostSubject: The Return Home{Closed}[Wip]   Mon Jan 18, 2010 2:52 am

Layle, a 21 year old College Grad, was returning home to his parent’s massive Beach house that was along the coast on its own private beach. Layle had to be taken away from his family at a young age, because of his super powered family was getting attack by something he called hollows. Layle just thought of them as demons or some kind of spirit. So, he didn't listen to any of the stories his family told him about their amazing adventures and everything about their abilities. So, when he returned to his parents beach house, and found the note he sighed deeply. The note read a very simply message to Layle for his whole family.

Dear Layle,
We have gone out to fight hollows in other parts of Australia. We will be back within a couple of months, but you have enough food to last until we get back. So, the beach, cars, and anything else in the house is yours. So, we expect everything to not be destroyed when we get back from our little trip. I hope you have a nice stay while we are out, and we hope to see you when we get back. So, lots of love.

Your whole family

Layle simply ripped the note off the door, and walked inside his massive house on the beach. He went up to his room and got unpacked as he waited for something to do. He thought about all the things he had done when he was a kid, but that didn't include much. He simply sat around waiting for his family to get home from their fights and hollow hunting. So, he put on some swimming shorts, and walked out the back door to the beach. He locked all the doors on his way out, and he simply went to lie out on the sand.

So, it is about time you got to know what Layle looked like. Layle was 6'0 foot even and weighted 195 pounds at this time in his life. He has perfectly toned skin with deep pink eyes and pure white hair. He has a fighter's built body type along with an unbelievable smile. He was simply wearing a sky blue pair of Swimming trunks as he laid out on the sand. Layle's usually outfit was black shoes with black socks. Also, Haku wears a pair of completely black jeans that would set perfect on his shoes with a crimson colored short sleeved shirt. Then, Haku wore a Black leather jacket with a black fur collar to top everything off. He usually keeps a pair of black leather fingerless gloves in his back pocket, if he remembered to grab them on his way out. So, Haku finally got up from his sun bathing to take a simple swim.

Layle ran to the water and dove into it. He swam out into the ocean as he felt the wonderful feeling of the water against his skin. He hadn't felt the ocean in a long time. He had been gone for about 10 years now, but that was all over now. He had a number of things to do while he waited for his family to get back, which would be tomorrow around noonish. So, Layle had plenty of time to do what he wanted at the house, like throw a party or go out to a club. He had plenty of possibilities for the upcoming night of his return home. So, he swam for a little while longer, but finally decided he was going to surf until sundown. So, he went back to the beach house at a sprint, and grabbed his wet suit and Surf board. Then, Layle headed back out on to his family’s private beach with a big smile on his face to surf on the ocean, which he hadn’t done in a long time by the way. He stuck his surf board into the sand as he looked down the bench to see a little party going on a few miles down the bench. Layle’s family was rather weird about their land markings for their private beach and things of that nature. They had placed a huge fence on the line of their private beach to keep people from getting on it, and throwing parties on it, which they mainly didn’t want the damn thing trashed. So, he finally put on his wetsuit, and picked up his surf board that was in the sand directly to the right of him. He ran out into the ocean as his slide onto his surf board with a serious look on his face. He hadn’t surfed in a long time, but he was sure going to try to. He simply thought it was like riding a bike, and that you never truly forgot how to do it. So, he pushed himself further and further out onto the rough ocean waves. He finally had a good distance away the beach, and turned around to watch the waves come in. The waves were actually good today for surfing. The monster wave came about 2 or 3 minutes after Layle had swam out there on his Surf board. He quickly turned his surf board around to make it face the private beach, and the wave picked him up. He began to surf down the wave doing various different tricks and jumps to get back to use to the feeling of surfing. Yet, he quickly found himself face planting on the water. He swam up to the surface of the water to find his Surf board. He quickly found it and swam back to shore. Layle looked up at the sky as the sun began to go down over the horizon, and it was about time for him to go out to the clubs and such in town.

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The Return Home{Closed}[Wip]
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