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 Hollow Mask Template

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PostSubject: Hollow Mask Template   Thu Dec 24, 2009 12:50 am

This application is not required to be finished until Vaizard status is achieved. Items in * are not required.

Inner Hollow--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name of inner Hollow: (what does your inner hollow call itself?)

Appearance: negative of (insert name here)

Personality: ( a detailed description is required)

*Traits: (what does the inner hollow do that really gets at your character?)


Appearance: (must have an image for this for basic shape or actual mask. description is optional)

Summoning: (how do you done your mask?)

Special Powers: (may create two special powers. If you chose only one it will be viewed as much stronger than two powers)


Name: (should be in proper Spanish translation, must provide an English translation as well)

Representation: (what does your resurreccion represent?)

Aspect of Death: (not limited to those of the anime/manga, this may include things as judgment, selfishness, bad luck,etc)

Family:(metal,earth,wind,water,fire,light/holy,dark/shadow,poison,electricity,ice, plant,reiatsu,void,time,etc.)

release command: (should be in proper Spanish translation, English translation is required)

Appearance: (must be relevant to your hollow in some way)

Ability: (what new powers do you gain from being in your release)

Weakness: (what is your resurreccion's weakness)

*Attacks: (most people know these as "techs")
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Hollow Mask Template
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