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 Junichiro Michishige (Shinigami)

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PostSubject: Junichiro Michishige (Shinigami)   Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:30 pm

Junichiro Michishige

Gender: Male
Height: 6'0
Weight: 145 pounds
Hair: Rust Red (Shoulder length, very shaggy, unkempt)
Eyes: Brown
Age (actual): 100
Age (appearance): 20
Reiatsu color: Blood red.
Division: 3rd
Rank: 20th seat.

Junichiro Michishige is tall and very thin, he doesn't look very muscle-bound. His hair is very shaggy, not well taken care of, like he just doesn't care enough to deal with it. He wears a traditional shinigami kimono, no real modifications.

Junichiro is pretty easygoing, most of the time. He is a very go with the flow man, content to do what others tell him. If asked, he will take up the reins of a leader, but he doesn't like to go out of his way to become one. The only time he strays from this is when he is in battle. A sudden change comes over him, and he becomes bossy. He loves the sight of blood from his enemies, and even sometimes himself. He will defend himself if threatened. He is pretty lazy in his downtime, spending most of his time eating and sleeping, unless someone gets him up and forces him to train he doesn't really. He doesn't like to take the initiative on things. He loves talking to his friends, but hates his enemies. He doesn't engage in conversations much with them, and just wants to fight when there is a fight.

Junichiro grew up in the 5th district of West Rukongai, he had an easy childhood, and he remembers none of his former life. Junichiro became a shinigami quite recently, he took the exam and passed quite easily. He wasn't top of his class, but he could have been if he had wanted to. He joined the third squad because he felt a very close connection to Shizuka Magatsu, seeing him as a great role model for his also bloodthirsty nature. He decided to become a shinigami to destroy hollows, he is very prone to violence and there just wasn't enough in the district he was in to make him content.

Zanpaktou: Sekika
Unreleased: When unreleased it looks like a generic zanpaktou. No variations yet.

Kind of this look, but with a larger hilt. The end of the hilt is roundish, and there is a gauge on the side showing the current reserves of blood.

Release: Hikidasu Soto (Draw out), Sekika (Blood Mosquito.)

When he lands a stab on someone he collects a little blood, as the sword sucks up their blood like a giant needle. This process is quite painful. After he has a good reservoir of blood he can control it to make projectiles, which when thrown or used against people drain the reservoir of blood. In shikai he can only hold enough blood to make small weapons, daggers, or shurikens made out of blood, or if he fills and uses the entire vial of blood he can make a spear that deals a lot of damage.

Shunpo: Junichiro is proficient at Shunpo, showing an innate talent for it.

Zanjutsu Specialist: Junichiro focuses mainly on sword fighting, this is where all of his training is.

Medium Spiritual Energy: Junichiro has respectable spiritual energy, even for just an unseated shinigami recently released from the academy.

Kido: Junichiro can do some hado maneuvers, his favorite is number 4, but he also quite likes number 31. He isn't very good at the bakudo maneuvers, but he has the basics down. He can do hado maneuvers without the incantation up to hado number 33, and with the incantation up to hado 40.

Hakuda: Junichiro hated the Hakuda part of his training, and it shows in that he is very bad at it.
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Junichiro Michishige (Shinigami)
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