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 Naoki Kawazoe

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Naoki Kawazoe
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PostSubject: Naoki Kawazoe   Tue Jan 19, 2010 4:43 pm

Name: Naoki Kawazoe

Age: 725

Visual Age: 24

Gender: Male

Division: 3rd


General Appearance:

Naoki is a very handsome young man. He has black hair that is somewhat neat. He has medium length hair. His hair on the back of his neck reaches to the bottom. His hair always covers his ears, only reveling some skin. His hair around his ears reaches just below his jawbone. From there it gets shorter. His hair covers his entire forehead, only showing a very small amount of his skin. His hair reaches just above his eyes. Naoki has very piercing blue eyes. And somewhat pale skin. He has a pointed nose, and a pointed chin. For clothing Naoki wears a traditional black Hakama. Like most Shinigami. The hakama is very lose on Naoki. His chest is always covered, but opens up a little below his neck. Forming a V-Neck. The sleeves reach just below his elbow. At the end of the sleeve is a white lining. The lining covers the entire end of his sleeves. A white belt is always tied around his waist. The legs of the Hakama are very lose like everything else. This gives his leg a lot of free room. The legs have very few wrinkles, but at the top a couple wrinkles appear. He wears a pair of white socks, under a pair of grass sandals. Over the Hakama Naoki wears a black robe. The robe reaches just above his ankles. The robe stops just above his sleeves.

Reiatsu color: Lavender

Height: 5'11

Weight: 165 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Body Type: Average


General Personality: Naoki is a very laid back person. Very care free at times. At other times that just changes. Sometimes it seems he is always in a rush. Not wanting to stop and smell the roses. When he is in this rushed state something’s just seem to pop out. Things that should normally, be kept to one's self. So he pretty much tells it how it is. No matter how hurtful it may be. But this only happens when he is in the rushed state. When he is in a calm state most things don't even get close to bugging him. Even the big things. Which most of the time gets on someone's nerves. Naoki has little care for others in both of these states. He is very sarcastic in both of the states as well. Naoki normally tries to stay away from other people. Not wanting to get caught up in something that he couldn't get out of.

However both of these states disappear with one little thing. A fight. When Naoki fights he becomes a monster. Not giving up until he wins, or ends up dead. He usually pushes his body past its limits, but he never seems to care. When he is in this state nothing can stop him. Only Naoki can stop himself. And he normally doesn't stop until the end. In this state Naoki is very quiet. More focused on the battle. Taking in every tiny little detail. He has no trouble looking at others when they are in pain. But he is not one of those people that enjoys watching it. Very few emotions leave him in this state. He’s almost like a doll, in this state.

*Likes: Peace, Quiet.

*Dislikes: Loud Noises, Fighting.

*Hobbies: Sleeping, Watching the clouds.

Fears: Death,



Naoki was always never in one spot for more than a week. The only place where he has been longer, is Karakura Town. During his time it was nothing more than a house or two. Didn't even need to be called a town. His mother grew up with her mother and father there, and one day a man came. This man would one day be Naoki's father. The man had a high rank in the military, so he was always on the move. When the man met his mother it was love at first sight. A couple years later they got married, and boom Naoki was born. Shortly after being born his family moved. Since his father had a high rank in the military once a battle started it was rushed to it. But his father was a family man, and didn't want to leave his family behind. So every time he moved to a battle his family would come to. Kind of scary, staying in a town with a battle raging. Once the battles were over, Naoki and his family were rushed to a military camp. There they stayed for a week, and again moved somewhere else. At a young age Naoki would hear is mother yelling at his father telling him to leave the military. As much as he father would love to stay with his family he couldn't leave the military. Because that was the only thing that brought money. When Naoki was 10 his father died in battle. Noble way to die, and one of the best. But it was the worst day he would ever have. Naoki and his mother moved to a small town, and lived there. They bought a very small house, only one bedroom. Naoki didn't mind sleeping on the floor, so he gave his mother the bed. He would fall asleep shivering. But he still slept, and that was the only thing that mattered.

When Naoki was 15 he left his mother. He could never figure out why he left, but he was gone. Naoki was very big for his age, and looked like he was 17 or 18. What he did would change him forever. He joined the military. Naoki knew that if his father were still alive he would force him to join the military. And his mother would be left alone in a house to cry, and cry. Just the thought of his mother crying made tears come to his eyes. Once Naoki joined the military he was ready for the training. He thought it would be easy, since when he was young his father would always talk about how easy it was. But when Naoki started his training he soon realized it was not easy. 2 years later Naoki was in battle. It was his first battle, and it would leave him battered and bruised. Once the battle was over Naoki realized what he was doing. Taking people's life's. At night all the soldiers gather around a fire, and told others what they did. Naoki was pulled over to a group of soldiers. They were all surprised that he even lived the battle. Their first question was how many people did he kill. The answer was simple, and Naoki answered it in a simple tone. 5. The group all started laughing, they really didn't think that he would actually keep up with how many people he killed, but Naoki did. After they had stopped laughing, anger filled his head. With that anger Naoki told the group who he was. Naoki Kawazoe. Were the words he said. When he spoke his last name the groups smiles disappeared. Their faces changed to that of horror. From that day on no solider even looked at Naoki again. He knew that they knew who his father was. And what his father could do, and did scared the live out of them. Just what Naoki wanted. Whenever his name was spoken it was never Naoki it was Kawazoe. Apparently that's what his father was always called. Naoki had always thought his last name sounded better than his first name. So he didn't mind.

Now Naoki or Kawazoe was at the age of 23. He was a high rank in the Military, in fact he was the same rank as his father. And he got the rank at a younger age. One day Kawazoe was walking through a town when he saw something. A woman. But not just any woman, a beautiful one. Some how Kawazoe knew this was the woman for him. People do crazy things when they see the love of there life. He met the woman after taking done several other men that wanted her. Kawazoe found out that this woman was the daughter of the villages mayor. And that the mayor would have her marry soon. Just the word marry made some men drool. Kawazoe wasn't one of those men. He wanted her, and he would do anything to get her. A couple months later Kawazoe did get what he wanted. Now the mayors daughter was his wife. One year later the mayors daughter was killed. Killed wouldn't be good enough. She was slaughtered, just because her husbands father was a high ranking military man. Kawazoe vowed on her grave to hunt down the murders, and end them. After weeks of searching he finally found them. Drunks. Kawazoe followed the two drunks until they entered a forest. Kawazoe found out they were his fathers military buddies, and that they had been hunting Kawazoe ever since he left his mother. Kawazoe killed the two with a smile on his father. Their blood was on his hands, and he liked it. Kawazoe remembered that his dead wife had had two tattoos on her ankles. One was represented the sun, and the other represented the moon. Shortly after killed the drunks he got a tattoo of the moon, and sun. He got them to remember his wife. Even though he knew he would never forget her, because she would never forget him. A year later Kawazoe was killed in battle. Noble way to die, and the best way to die.

Going straight to Soul Society was what happened to Kawazoe. He knew the minute he got there that he needed to become a Shinigami. Kawazoe was already physically strong, but he wasn't mentally strong. He would snap at times, and scream his wife's name. Kawazoe knew what he had to do. After a couple years of training his mind he was mentally strong. He trained his mind by only remembering the good things about his wife. Not about her death. Her death was what kept Kawazoe from getting strong. After getting his mind mentally strong there was only one thing left. The Shinigami Academy.
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PostSubject: Re: Naoki Kawazoe   Tue Jan 19, 2010 8:06 pm


"....In war, everything is against you. The only thing you can rely on is yourself and your blade. Nothing else will keep you alive. Trust no one but your own instincts. Kill everything and if you do die, you better bring as many damn enemies with you...." -segment of a speech. Order of Swords Regiment Leader, Name: unknown
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Naoki Kawazoe
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