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 Shigeto Kuroki

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PostSubject: Shigeto Kuroki   Thu Sep 29, 2011 2:49 pm

Name: Shigeto Kuroki

Age: 225

Visual Age: 20

Gender: Male

Division:12th Division Captain


General Appearance:

Reiatsu color: Dark Blue

Height: 5'10''

Weight: 145

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Body Type: Slim

*Additional Information: Slash scar on back


General Personality: Shigeto is the quiet type, he usually keeps his thoughts well to himself but when asked his opinion is well thought out and but sometimes not the right thing to say. He would rely more on thinking out strategies then fighting their opponent with out knowing some openings they can use to strike but at some points when he gets angry he'll overreact and strike without coming to his senses. This Shinigami hates to hold grudges though, if he is mad one day at a person doesn't mean he'll still be mad the next. He generally looks out for other people that seem unable to defend themselves and tries to do his best to make things better for them, making him really soft at heart for souls sometimes. His usual non-talkative attitude doesn't make him the best person to spend time with but if he has trust in someone and truly cares about them he will speak more often to them and really open up to his thoughts and tell what memories of his past disturbs him. Shigeto is a strong fighter and partner for his height, he may look like weak when seen through the eyes of an opponent but he is very athletic, and strong.

*Likes: Traveling, Reading, festivals, animals, experimenting and girls

*Dislikes: Snakes, Father,

*Hobbies: Experimenting or traveling

*Habits: Shyness, Studder, and tends to be clumsy

Fears: Death of losing someone important


History: Shigeto grew up in a village with his older sister and his parents. In the village and Shigeto had no friends. Regardless, the Kuroki family where somewhat at peace, they were farmers. Shigeto was always trying to do his best to make friends but no matter what what he did they village kids saw him as a mysterious child. His Older sister always was there to comfort until the day when he was gathering wood for his father, he suddenly began coughing up blood. He made it home with his father's lumber and collapsed, the village doctor came to their home and diagnosed Shigeto in which they found out he had Tuberculosis. Then the day came while Shigeto was out playing in the forest when his Tuberculosis struck and Shigeto collapsed onto the floor, not realizing it but Shigeto had died.

Shigeto woke up cold,and alone. He wandered around in the woods hoping to find his way to his family. But soon he realized that the village was gone. As he stood there, he heard footsteps, and looked up, it was a man in a black robe. He motioned him to follow him.

As he learned that his new home was the soul society, he was shocked and sad to know that he died. Immediately he ran away from the man only to be caught in an instant, the man began explaining what has happen to him. After several of explanation Shigeto was finally calm and followed the man, he lead him all the way to the Academy to become a Soul Reaper there he learned and mastered, Bakudo, Hado, sword fighting, and hand to hand combat at the age of Eleven. He then realized that his greatest skill was in his research. He mostly spent his days in the library studying, that is until one day when his class were sent to different locations, on that day Shigetoi's class was taught the Soul Burials. while meditating the students began learning to communicate with the spirit of their Zanpakuto and are prepared for the general duties of a Shinigami, during his meditation Shigeto was focusing more on his past while doing his Soul Burial and his inner world was more then he expected.

Shigeto graduated from the Academy at the age of Sixteen and was recruited into the Gotei 13, and was placed in the 12th Division of Research and Development. After 4 years he was ranked to Captain as he now leads the Division though they still worry bout his condition.
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Shigeto Kuroki
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