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 Daté Masamune's Application

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Daté Masamune
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PostSubject: Daté Masamune's Application   Thu Jan 21, 2010 12:53 am

Name: Daté Masamune

Age: 100

Visual Age:







General Appearance:

See Avatar

Reiatsu color:






Hair Color:


Eye Color:


Body Type:


*Additional Information:

Tribal tattoos on both arms from shoulder to wrist.


General Personality:

Katsuoru is a very humble shinigami that loves to play and joke around with not only fellow squad members, but also with any other squads members. Most that come across him are drawn to his outgoing personality, as he never minds carrying out favors for those that ask (within reason). At times, he does appear to "withdraw" from everyone, but this is done solely to analyze those around him. For that very reason, he is always at the ready.


Playing jokes, and listening to new music he finds in the real world. He's also into technology quite a bit.


Those that rush to their death.

*Hobbies: Chase women, sleep, or even sleep with women after he chases them (just playin, maybe).

*Habits: Tilting his straw hat to cover his eyes from the view of others (won't have straw hat until after graduating academy).

Fears: Not living the way he so chooses.



Daté doesn't know much of his history, except the dreams he has every once in a while, and the stories he gets filled in on by elder shinigami. Daté's mother Was a Vice Captain during the "Aizen" era. Although she was more than strong enough to be a Captain, she chose not to challenge any of the current 13 captains at that time. From the time Daté could walk, she trained him in a very tactical style of fighting. It included hand to hand combat, and long ranged combat, as she wasn't the "power" type of fighter. She was, however, very agile, and so she trained Daté to have the same cat like agility. Day in and day out, whenever she didn't have VC duties, she trained with Daté. She would even bring him to her sparring matches with other shinigami. She loved her son dearly, and always taught him that protecting his comrades always comes first in battle. Not only that, but she also taught him that no matter how small the enemy, show them the respect of fighting at full strength. One day, during a major battle with Aizen's Espada, Daté looked on from a distance as his mother fought a long drawn out battle in which she won. Before she could move to help in an ongoing battle between one of her weaker comrades and his opponent, she was caught by the "last" attack of her dying enemy. Daté saw the attack coming, so he charged out to possibly shield his mother from the attack. He was blown a great distance from the battlefield, and his mother was severely injured. A spirit nearby, who was waiting to be "soul buried" saw the incident and rushed to the location of Daté, who lay unconscious. His mother, with the last of her energy, managed to crawl to find her son and the spirit there. She looked to the spirit (which seemed to be a somewhat elderly gentleman) and said "Please ... take care... of my son". The old man replied "What?" shockingly, then continued "Okay. What's your name?" To which she began to reply "My.... name...isss...". She then passed away. At that very moment, her 4th seat Kiyoshi, appeared and saw the old man kneeling beside Daté's mothers scabbard, and Daté. Kiyoshi then grabbed Daté and the scabbard, and headed off to the senkai gate to take them back to SS. The old man, noticed that Daté's mother's Zanpakuto still lay there, slightly covered by her body. As he grabbed it by the hilt a large explosion took place in the distance, causing the hilt to be thrust into his forehead, thus performing the Soul Burial. For whatever reason, the Zanpakuto stayed with the old man when he reached SS.

(Flashback further explaining history)

Rukongai (78th Districtt - Inuzuri)

A young Daté is walking through Inuzuri, just wandering. He knows noone outside of the few that stay in the place where he resides. Most people kept from going near Daté. He always assumed it was because of his Green hair and eyes.

Whenever Daté wasn't sleep, he was wandering through Rukongai, observing everyone. He'd always been the type to anylize everything. At times, he would find himself somewhat over anylizing situations. He'd see people getting mugged, and need help, but would take so long deciding if it was right for him to help out that someone else would have already resolved the conflict before he could act. After an event such as this, he would be bothered by dreams of the terrible things that could have happened due to his hesitation.

One day, his dream became a reality...

Random thugs "Hey, who said you can cross through here?"

A small frail figure tried to pay the thugs no mind, and continued about his way. The group slowly approached the frail man. It was obvious that their intent was hostile. Daté stood back, swordless scabbard on his side (found in rukongai when he first arrived), near a fruit vendor's stand. The frail man finally stopped, and turned towards the group. They all laughed histerically as the man pulled out a worn katana with a green and black hilt. His hands were violently shaking as he stood, almost miniature in size, to face this unruly bunch. The guy that looked to be the "leader" of the bunch then pulled out a pocket knife and smiled devilishly. The group of guys with him, which Daté counted to be 4 others, yelled and laughed at the man. The "leader" inched forward until he seemed to be just within the frail mans blade reach. The old man then quickly steadied, and with one quick slash, the "leader" fell to the ground, and lie there motionless. The 4 others were enraged and suddenly all pulled out knives similar to their leaders. As the old man stood prouldy ready to defend himself, he suddenly dropped to his knees, and his katana fell to dusty walkway. As he fell, a dark figure stood behind him, glaring at his victim with bloodshot red eyes.

Daté had already formulated a plan to attack the 4, and possibly help the frail man get away through the side streets and alleys. He hadn't accounted for the 6th person, which until now was nowhere to be seen. Now, he stood there in shock, pretty much the same as the 4 thugs that stood there with their knives drawn. They then took off running. The dark figure glared down at the frail figure, on his knees, and in an instant, the dark figure was gone.

Daté then ran as fast as he could until he reached the man, which had since fallen onto his side.

"Old man, are you okay? Will you be okay? I'm sorry... I... I" Daté spoke frantically.

"So, this is how we were to meet." Spoke the man, softly. "I knew I'd meet you, I just didn't think it'd be like this"

Daté, on his hands and knees beside the man, had a very worried yet puzzled look on his face.

"What do you mean, you knew you'd meet me?" Daté asked

"There's an inscription on your scabbard... same as on the hilt of this katana." the man spoke. "My job... my.... (coughing)...my... I was fated to bring this to you."

"Old man... OLD MAN. Why? You must mean someone else. I found this... it isn't mines. OLD MAN!!!!" Daté was yelling at this point. Confused by what he was told, and also concerned for the old man.

"You.... found what was left... for you. Its your fate."


Others started to gather around Daté and who they thought to be someone close to him. The old man had passed. He'd also left Daté with thoughts of why this was so called "fated" to happen. Daté picked up the katana and placed it in the scabbard. He then stood, and sulkenly walked through the crowd back towards his "home". Just before he'd gotten to the front door, he looked at the the inscription on the scabbard "...she protects he who does as she..."
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PostSubject: Re: Daté Masamune's Application   Thu Jan 21, 2010 1:13 am


for future reference please use a spoiler ^.^

Kenya's known kido
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Daté Masamune's Application
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