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 Zanjutsu training class

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Hayashi Bushinji
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PostSubject: Zanjutsu training class   Fri Jan 22, 2010 9:20 pm

hayashi walked into his new class which was zanjutsu training. hayashi was exited that he was going to learn how to fight. even though he would be using a wooden sword it was still exiting. when hayashi entered he saw no seats or desks but he found some were to sit. as the teacher came in he said to them.

" hello new students and welcome to zanjutsu training here you will learn how to use a sword. but since we dont want you to hurt yourselfs you will be using wooden ones"

the teacher let the students get there own swords. everyone except hayashi took one sword he took two because it felt more comfortable to him. though the students thought this a little unfair the teacher allowed it and said.

"ok then we will do this one at a time get ready"

hayashi was first though he had never fought with swords before it felt like he already knew how. it was like second nature he thought it was weird but continued to spar with the other student. as the other student attacked hayashi block and then retaliated. he did this the hole time and the teacher was impressed by hayashi fighting skills. even though it was his first time the teach wanted to see how well hayashi fought.

" ok hayashi lets see how well you do against me though it seems that your skills are great are they enough lets find out"

hayashi and his teacher took there places and began their spar. the teacher made the first attack and hayashi just was able to block it. then hayashi retaliated with his own attack almost hitting the teacher. the class watched in aw as the teacher and hayashi fought.

"your pretty good teach"

"and your not bad yourself hayashi"

after awhile of retaliations and doges hayashi finally managed to knock his teachers sword out of his hand. hayashi won and was in aw he thought he would loss and i bet everyone else in the class thought the same thing. the teacher congratulated hayashi on a job well done.

" very impressive hayashi your fighting skills are very good i am happy to say that you passed this class. i wish you good luck on graduating the academy"

hayashi bowed and thanked him and went off to his dorm to get some much needed rest and prepare for his last class to take. the one he needed to graduate and here is your zanpakuto its rare to see a dual one though congratz.

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Zanjutsu training class
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