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 Hakuda class

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Hayashi Bushinji
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PostSubject: Hakuda class   Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:39 pm

after a good nights rest hayashi went off to his last class before graduating. it was hakuda training and he was sure he would ace the class. once he got to class the teacher walked in and said.

"welcome to hakuda training this is basically hand to hand combat"

hayashi listened as he learned what the class was about. so he had to fight hand to hand no weapons hayashi was sure he could do this. the teacher called him and another student up and told them to fight. as the student made the first attack hayashi dodged and attacked back but he missed. he and the other student went on for 10 minutes that is when the teacher stopped the fight. after the other students went the teacher told them to open their books and read more in depth on what hakuda really was.

after 20 minutes the teacher told them to put their books away. he told them that they would fight again with each other.

"ok get ready to show what you have learned to the test"

the teacher called up hayashi and another student to fight. this time hayashi made the first attack and missed and then the student attacked and hayashi blocked it. after 10 minutes hayashi defeated his opponent the teacher congratulated them both on their spar. after the others went the teacher told them they would have a test about what hakuda was.

hayashi was ready for the test and waited for the teacher to give the test. once the teacher handed out the tests he told them to begin. though it took awhile hayashi managed to finish his test and handed it in. soon after the other students did as well. the teacher corrected them and gave them back hayashi got lucky and passed. the teacher then said.

"if you passed the test then you passed the class i congratulate all who passed"

with satisfaction that hayashi passed all of his classes he went to his dorm to rest up for the final exam if he passed that he would graduate and become a shinigami.

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Hakuda class
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