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 Nikki le Shini

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PostSubject: Nikki le Shini   Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:15 pm

Name: Uril, Nikitio

Age: 200

Visual Age: 19

Gender: Male

Division: 2 (or whichever one is connected to the Onmitsukido ><)


General Appearance:

Reiatsu color: A dark purple, almost black

Height: 5 foot eleven

Weight: 140lbs.

Hair Color: gray to silver

Eye Color: Blue

Body Type: Athletic

*Additional Information: One long scar on his right hip that goes down to his kneecap.


General Personality: Nikitio is a fun loving kind of guy. Often toying with his opponents before getting serious. He is also known for being kind. Even when everyone else is serious you can count on him to be anything but serious, while also maintaining a serious composure, weird I know. He also has a colder side to him though. A side that would rather end your life quickly rather than crack a joke or play games. Most see this side during times of importance like meetings that determine the fate of his race or other such things. If you ask him why he acts like this, why everything is such a joke to him, he will simply smile and say: "Only the things the matter are a joke."

*Likes:(self explanatory)

*Dislikes: Stupid people (not literally stupid, just those who did stupid things and then wonder why they got into trouble or whatever)

*Hobbies:(What does he/she like to do on their off time)

*Habits:(What does he/she do that they sometimes do not notice they do)

Fears: That he will one day truly regret something. Such question of what he has done, he believes, leads to weakness, and in turn, death.


History: Nikitio's history is lost to him. He has been a Hollow for so long he often questions if he was just born a Hollow, but he does not recall ever hearing of Hollows reproducing. In truth Nikitio remembers only fragments of his history. His past is nothing but bits and pieces of events that make no sense to him. He remembers small pieces of conversations, partial faces, and only a few places in the human world. The one thing that he does remember though is his older brother who died when Nikitio was ten. He remembers that day as if it had just happened yesterday. He remembers helping out in the store with his father. His father sold various fabrics of high quality, and Nikitio and his brother helped by bringing customers in, cleaning, or even sometimes helping said customer pick out a fabric. Nikitio never helped pick out fabric though as he was bad at it. His brother did though, and his brother would have gone on to probably be a tailor or designer.

One afternoon though as they were closing Nikitio was sweeping the floor, their father out getting food, and his brother was reorganizing the fabrics. A boy came into the store out of breath, and to Nikitio it was odd aside from the fact that he was out of breath, he had never seen the boy before, and the people that came into the store were usually regulars. Anyone else just walked by. Nikitio smiled at the boy politely; clearly he was lost by the expression on his face. [b]“Hello. I am sorry to say this but we are closed. You can come back tomorrow though.” Nikitio’s brother looked at Nikitio funny. The boy just shivered. “I…I won’t make it to tomorrow…” He said with eyes dead to the world. “Why not? Are you okay?” Nikitio asked setting the broom down. The boy nodded. “There is nothing you can do about it though…” A loud roar was heard outside. Nikitio screamed, but his brother was clearly oblivious to it just looking at Nikitio with questioning eyes. The store wall was destroyed by an unseen force. Nikitio couldn’t see what did it but he saw a shimmer of the beast.

The boy screamed, and Nikitio ran for him. Clearly whatever this thing was it was after the boy. As Nikitio got there one of the monster’s claws barely missed him. His hands went through the boy. “Y-you’re a ghost!” Nikitio said stating the obvious. The hollow roared once more and attacked for the spirit boy. Nikitio’s brother had no idea what was going on, but he ran to protect his little brother. He couldn’t see the monster but he knew his little brother was in danger. It was unfortunate for him that the beast’s claws pierced him as he crossed it’s path. Nikitio’s brother was killed on the spot. Nikitio holds a deep hatred for Shinigami because no sooner had Nikitio’s brother died when they showed up and killed the hollow. They sent the soul to Soul Society, and left. They weren’t aware that Nikitio could see them.

The next thing Nikitio remembers is attending the funeral for his brother, and leaving home later that year overcome with sadness. He remembers bits and pieces of his time away from home. Mainly that it never seemed to stop raining. He searched hopelessly for his brother’s spirit, but never found it. He remembers begging for food and money, he remembers the pain and suffering, he remembers the anger. Anger at himself for not leaving the second the boy came, anger at his brother for jumping into action without thinking about it first, anger at the Shinigami for coming so late, but most of all. Anger at fate for dealing him such a hand.

Nikitio was sound asleep in an ally one night as it snowed. He had gone several days without food and so he found sleep was hard to come by. Snow fell from the heavens in bundles which only added to his sleeping problem. He gave in, realizing he would never sleep and decided to go look for something to eat. He noticed some boys ready to steal a pie out of the window, cliche yes but he was hungry so it didn't matter, and waited behind a building for them to actually take it. The boys were older than him, but he prided himself on his running abilities. As the boys took the pie and ran Nikitio grabbed a thick stick off the ground and threw it out at the legs of the boy holding the pie. He tripped, fell, and the pie flew threw the air. It landed upright, but parts of it had broken off. Nikitio ran out, grabbed the pie, and was gone with the boys nipping at his heels. They threatened to find him, but Nikitio was not worried.

That night though, hidden in an abandoned house, the boys found him. He was asleep with the pie container on the side, licked clean. They all grinned and one threw a broken piece of wood at Nikitio. He jolted awake and backed into a corner as if he would fall through some trap door. The boys walked closer and took their time beating him. Despite the pain, he found it funny enough to laugh that he was so tired after the beating. He lay there, bleeding from various cuts and from his mouth and nose, chuckling to himself and coughing up blood. His heavy eyes slowly closed and he rested for a short few seconds, before his life ended.

Despite housing just a deep hatred for Shinigmi he decided after a year of living in the Rukongai (in the 3rd District) He decided he might as well join them. He had no intention of just sitting there doing nothing. He was also isolated due to how he looked. That angered him and picked at his nerves. This was only more drive to get the hell out of there and make something of himself. Everyday kids would comment on how weird he looked, and make fun of the fact that he enjoyed making bracelets and such. They kicked him around literally. It wasn't until a year or so before this decision to attempt at being a Shinigami, that he fought back. Nobody picked on him after that.
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PostSubject: Re: Nikki le Shini   Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:28 pm

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Nikki le Shini
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