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 Henry Jefferson

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Henry Jefferson
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PostSubject: Henry Jefferson   Mon Jan 25, 2010 8:55 pm

Name: Henry Jefferson

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: Henry has dark skin, short brown hair, and deep brown eyes. He has large muscles toned from battles and practice. Henry doesn’t wear a typical Quincy outfit, but prefers his own, original clothing, which includes loose fitting cargo shorts, a white undershirt, and a cordiroy jacket over it. Henry also wears a red baseball cap with a Quincy cross on the front.

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 200

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Body Type: Muscular

General Personality: Henry didn’t find out what a Quincy was until later in his life, so adjusting to the lifestyle is hard. He has a short temper that leads him into fights, though he is continuously trying to tame it. He also feels he always has something to prove, which is dangerous in his line of work. But most of all, he tries to do the right thing, even if he’ll get harmed in the process.

*Likes: Smiles, sun, cigarettes, boxing

*Dislikes: Cloudy days, shinigami, deceit, thugs, people who waste their lives

*Hobbies: Boxing, clubbing, guitar

*Habits: Runs Rieatsu between his fingers, flicks his lighter

Fears: Corporate bastards, shinigami, being alone in the world again

History: Henry was an anomoly. He was never born into a Quincy family, nor was he brought up through the Quincy lifestyle. Henry was, infact, born in Detroit. His mother was a whore who didn’t want him, his father was a drunk, a gambler, and a low-life. Henry turned out to be raised by himself than anyone else, never going to school and finding life in anyone who would take pity on him. He was usually abused by gangs he would try to join, sometimes he would be taken in by a family only to be kicked out and sent away. Henry never fit in the world he was born in, and he could never find out why.

His Quincy powers started to manifest when he was young, around ten. It wasn’t the typical manifestation either, since normally he would have a master to train him on how to use a bow. It manifested at night when Henry was attacked by a hollow in an alley. He had nowhere to run, and with a giant monster in his way, the only could do one thing, attack. He lashed out, and found himself with a crude sword in his hand made completely of a teal rieatsu. In the end, after sustaining some deep wounds, Henry bested the hollow, stabbing it through the face. He was soon found by a group of Quincy who took him under their wing. Henry found he belonged, with the just and powerful, those who could control and shape the world, not be controlled. But ten years of being brought up by gangs and low-lifes had affected Henry, and he still feels freespirited and a wanting to do whatever he wants.
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PostSubject: Re: Henry Jefferson   Mon Jan 25, 2010 11:11 pm

Approved, but make known that you have to learn how to use your bow
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Henry Jefferson
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