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 Jaxon Onne

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PostSubject: Jaxon Onne   Mon Feb 15, 2010 12:01 am

Name: Onne, Jaxon

Nickname: Jaxx

Age: 225

Visual Age: 20

Gender: Female

Division: Kido Corps


General Appearance:

Reiatsu Color: Pinkish red

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 123 lbs

Hair Color: Pink

Eye Color: Pink

Body Type: Curvy/Busty


General Personality: Somewhat pacifistic and despises engaging in combat unless it involves self-defense and protecting those dear to her heart. She’s relatively calm and silent when fighting, preferring to speak only when spoken to. Shown to be a loyal, respectful, and trustworthy warrior, who will diligently follow the orders of her commander, provided said commander has proven his/her worth. She's also knowledgeable, analytical, easy going, fairly compassionate, humorous in her own right, and exhibits a cheerful, energetic demeanor when off-duty. She's very affectionate and compassionate to others. Even though she likes men and tends to flirt quite a bit, she still blushes when she is being flirted with.

Likes: Music, singing, dancing, healing, helping others, Fire & Ice roses, lemonade, men, flirting, having fun, and sweet treats.

Dislikes: Fighting w/o a valid cause.

Habits: When she's thinking or explaining something, she'll curl some strands of her hair with her left index finger. When worried or a bit scared, she'll bite or nibble along her bottom lip. When she talks with others, she always cocks her head cutely to the side and if they are much much taller then her then she'll stand up on her tip toes to not be as short compared to them.

Fears: Lightning and thunder


History: Jaxon was a shy and mysterious girl, always blushing when a cute guy would look at her, and always refusing to drink alcohol. She was all around a good girl who followed the rules. She worked in her mother’s music shop and even created her own instruments that were quite popular amongst their customers, she lived quietly on the second floor of the shop with her mother, enjoying life as a quiet musician. She has no memory of her father, as her mother never spoke of him or had any signs that she was married. The instruments she was best at making were stringed instruments, but her favorite out of them all was the guitar. She was in the age of her early twenties and stayed with her mother, who was very old and sickly, because not only was her life’s work just a floor below her but also because she would be able to take care of her mother without worrying herself to death.

However one day a series of horrible and grotesque events occurred leaving the good natured girl’s mind in turmoil. It was in the early morning, a bad storm was brewing up outside. Thunder booming as if it’s right up next to your ears and lightning being seen dominating the blackness that was the sky. She already felt uncomfortable with how this particular day has started, but if she only knew what would have happened later then she would have died of a heart attack. She had just opened shop for her mother when a shrouded and hunched woman entered with her son; who was tall lean, as pale as snow and wore all black, he scared Jaxon so much that to her, his dark eyes appeared black and wild. Jaxon’s mother was helping the two as Jaxon continued to work on a instrument request that was almost due for its pick up date. Every now and again she would look at the two, her bright orange eyes staring at them both with fear and curiosity; they looked nothing like the usual customers they got. Most of their customers were either young children just starting to get music into their lives or famous musicians who they have now considered as an extent of their family.

The boy turned his head slowly, smiling at Jaxon he slowly approached her while his mother was talking. He tried to engage in conversation with her, and Jaxon replied with soft yes’s or no’s not really wanting to talk to him. The more time the two spent within the shop, the more she started to have a bad feeling. She found it especially odd that the store only had these two customers when usually it was overfilled with customers, but then again she thought it was just because of the bad weather that was happening outside. Then it happened, Jaxon’s mother frowned at the lady, telling her to leave because she had told Jaxon’s mother something only for her ears, and she did not like it. The old lady wouldn’t leave and her son was moving uncomfortably close to Jaxon, his smile wicked and malicious he grabbed her hand and pulled her up, holding her close to his form. His thin lips met her ear as he whispered. “I want your body and soul, give them to me!” Jaxon tried to get free while begging him to do whatever he wanted to do with her but to leave her mother alone and alive but he held her tightly, the boy nodded to his supposed mother as she shed her human skin and a Hollow stood in the supposed mother's place as she makes her way to Jaxon and the other Hollow.

Jaxon cried out she had never seen a monster like this before, and had no idea what it was. Of course she could feel and sense ghosts but she could never see them or a Hollow before. The boy tied her up, and as he took off his shirt she could see a large hole where his heart would’ve been and underneath his hair she could see small remnants of a mask. The next few hours were horrible for her; she was tortured with her own tools of creating instruments before she was killed. Her soul was saved by a Shinigami though, who killed the Hollows, and took her with him to the Soul Society where she was adopted by him as his daughter and was entered into the Academy.

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PostSubject: Re: Jaxon Onne   Fri Feb 19, 2010 4:37 pm


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Jaxon Onne
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