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 13th Division Captains Office

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Tenkai Bushinji
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PostSubject: 13th Division Captains Office   Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:24 am

*Walking into the office that was now Tenkai's he looked about at the conflicting decorations. There wasn't too much in the room, just a desk, bookcase, window, and another sliding door that most likely led into his new bedroom. However even though there wasn't much in the room what was in the room was extravagant. It was all professionally made and looked as if it was hand crafted. The best part that he noticed however was that his chair had cushion on it. No longer would he have to sit in an uncomfortable wooden chair with a sore back every time he finished with work. However his attention was taken off the chair when he saw something from the corner of his eye. Near the door on what looked like a hat rack was hanging the 13th Divisions Captain Haori. Tenkai stared in awe at it as it was the symbol of a Captain and also a symbol of power in seireitei. He moved to it and gently took it off the rack and put it on. It was as if it was made to fit him perfectly. The sleeves hung down his arms stopping right at his wrists and the ends of it came down right before touching the ground. It was perfect in every way imaginable. With his new haori in place he moved back to his desk and took a seat at it and stared at the door in front of him. He wasn't entirely sure what he should do at that point since he was new to this whole captain business. He started shuffling through the drawers looking for some paperwork he could do or something that he could goof around with for a bit before some work actually came. Inside he did however find a list, more specifically a list of the recent graduates. He eyed over the list thinking this could be a good opportunity to find some members to recruit if they hadn't already joined a squad. It seemed however that practically every student had joined up with a division including one that had joined the 13th aside from himself. He nodded approvingly at the students good taste. Eyeballing the list once more he passed over the names one by one and saw his own name on the list. He laughed a bit as he realized he had just graduated and here he was already a Captain. Continuing down the list he saw something a bit odd. One spot down from his name on the list was another Bushinji. He figured they must have just accidentally listed his name twice but then he took a glance at the first name of the person. It was none other then his brother Hayashi who he hadn't seen in years. He simply just stared at the paper amazed that his brother was also here at seireitei as a shinigami. Without wasting a beat Tenkai placed the sheet down on his desk and shot up from his chair moving towards the door. He opened the door quickly and shut the door behind him just as fast. He began to run off down the halls of the barracks towards the 2nd Division, the squad his brother had joined.*

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13th Division Captains Office
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