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 Karipuso (Calypso)

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PostSubject: Karipuso (Calypso)   Tue Feb 16, 2010 6:57 pm

General Information-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name: Karipuso (Calypso)

Type: Kido

Family: Healing

Inner World: Her inner world has the appearance of a lush and very exotic yet wild island. The size of said island is unknown, but is full of life. The oceans that completely surrounds the island are clear blue and the fish glitter and shine in many brilliant and beautiful colors. It has the same time zone as that of the real world, but is most beautiful at sunrise and sunset. There are huts as well as numerous animals, plants, streams, and even buried treasure that are found on this island. You can hear the sounds of war drums in the distance at times.



Height: 5’7”

Weight: 120 lbs

Personality: Appears to be quite mysterious and enigmatic. Her personality is flirty and playful, something of a seductress, and she likes talking in riddles. Can be a bit stern yet benevolent and if roused to anger, her fury knows no bounds.

Habits: Dances calypso and/or is mixing up some new medical herbs as she speaks. When annoyed, the tip of her tail flicks.

Soul Connection: She has the same want as well as skills in healing others and also has the same reactions when it comes to males.

Sealed State--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Type: Nodachi


Release Phrase: Soyokaze ni sawaru no nettaichihō! (Feel the breeze of the tropics!)


A long staff with a double headed axe on both ends. It has a sky blue circle on top of both w/three smaller circles surrounding each side and one on the inside. The blades are removable. A small palm leaf accessory with small bells at the end is wrapped around the middle of the long staff which are used for illusions.

Ability: The life energy orbs instantly heal any scratches, marks, scars, and regenerate lost or broken limbs. This is able to heal ONLY herself.

Weakness: Her energy gets drained slowly but surely.

Kiwi Rush
The blades come flying off like saw blades and attack the enemy. The blades are controlled by the user’s spiritual energy and are best used at mid-range. Both axes blades do not have to come off. Just one set can come off if necessary. Once off, the user may fight using them and then reattach later on.
Cooldown: 3 Posts

Tengoku Kōfuku (Paradise Bliss)
The orbs for this are used for healing the user. The user can get the orbs to absorb surrounding reiatsu if the enemy is too far away. If the enemy is within a target range, the orbs are attracted to the reiatsu and can absorb it and give it directly to the user when enough is gathered. The orbs can also attach directly to the enemy and gather their reiatsu faster for the user to use. The orbs resonate the more full they get. And, the user can use only one if necessary and not all of them. Excess energy is rarely guaranteed for this ability in shikai form. Normally only enough energy is given back to the user as needed.
Cooldown: 3 Posts



A wooden Earthly staff. It has a lamp in the top middle w/two smaller lamps on both sides of the staff, which are used for illusions/energy holding/and healing. A vine holding the sunflower for poisoning the enemies. And little orbs for energy seeking and nullifying the enemy’s senses.

Ability: Generally the same as her Shikai Ability, but now the healing could be done to others and is able to bend life.

Weakness: Drains even more energy from her and at a faster pace.

Jōnetsu Furūtsu no Tengoku (Passion Fruit of Paradise)
The ultimate healing for this zanpakuto. The orbs not only heal the user, but comrades and injured bystanders as well and the branches w/the orbs move around looking for any reiatsu to gather. Only the green orb will leave and seek out any reiatsu if necessary. While healing a light greenish light surrounds and takes the form of the person’s body while being healed. Any excess energy that is left over can be used for an attack or remain for future healing during a battle if needed and is kept in the mini lamps.
Cooldown: 4 Posts

Hone Mura Gensō (Bone Village Illusion)
The orbs act as bells to throw off the enemies senses by keeping a humming sound in the ears. The humming sound blends in with the sound of war drums beating being sounded from the smaller lamps on each side of the staff. The lamp resonates and creates a small cage. The enemy is in the cage and is being strangled by vines.
Cooldown: 4 Posts

Furūtsu-Sarada no Shima (Island Fruit Salad)
The branch vine at the end of the staff roots itself into the ground while the sunflower emits a dense, dark fog around the surrounding area causing the enemy to become disoriented. The petals move slowly in a circle while the fog is surrounding the area. The fog is like a poisonous gas that slowly seeps into the enemies’ lungs and slowly paralyzes and suffocates them. The enemy is able to escape the fog. Also, the orbs take in more of the enemies’ reiatsu to help the process of defeating the enemy faster as well.
Cooldown: 4 Posts

Final Song Of The Bone Village
Once her blade touches one who has fallen in battle, that person's body is stilled in time and seals them before they die. This stasis seal stays active until the severely injured person is transported to the 4th Division. Jaxon uses up most of her strength to make the stasis seal and keep it active. So once it is done, she will be bedridden for some time afterward. She is only able to do this once per fight.
Duration: 3 Posts

***NOTE: The orbs in any and all of the Attacks can be defended against and destroyed. If destroyed, they can not be reused until the next battle she has. If merely damaged, they can still perform their function but they will be weaker in doing so. For Shikai, the orbs can be destroyed with the power of a Kido 31 and up ONLY. For Bankai, the orbs can be destroyed with the power of a Kido 63 and up ONLY.***

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PostSubject: Re: Karipuso (Calypso)   Fri Mar 05, 2010 8:50 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Karipuso (Calypso)   Sat Mar 06, 2010 2:01 pm

remove the illusion-based effects and I will approve it. your family is healing, not illusion and as tempting it is to add illusions it doesn't fit the family. neither does Flamingo no Mai (Dancing Flamingo) for that matter. Again it doesn't fit the family. oh and this really doesn't matter but your "type" would be kido instead of life.

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PostSubject: Re: Karipuso (Calypso)   

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Karipuso (Calypso)
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