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 Angelo Koteki

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PostSubject: Angelo Koteki   Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:22 am

Name: Koteki, Angelo
Age: 175

Visual Age: 17

Gender: Male

Division: 5th


General Appearance:

Reiatsu color: White

Height: 5'9

Weight: 140

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: grey

Body Type: Lean

*Additional Information: Has two marks under his eyes in the shape of triangles facing downwards. These marks are the same grey tone as his eyes.


General Personality: Angelo is an extremely intellectual person despite his rather delinquent lifestyle, Most of his knowledge was obtained after death through many years of constant reading brought on by his change of heart. To most he is a soft spoken bookworm, to others that are closer to him he is bubbly and comedic but in reality the one word that could sum Koteki up is Deceptive. Underneath any persona that he shows lays the real Angelo, always thinking, plotting, strategizing, making him ready for almost any situation that may present itself. He possesses the gift of gab which in itself is one more weapon in his arsenal.



*Hobbies: soccer

*Habits: Frequently cracks his fingers

Fears: Fears his afterlife will be another story lost with time


Human Arc
Let us be polite and say that Angelo's moment of genesis was unplanned and unexpected -- the union of a too-young mother and a father with too-much to lose. He was born, and one might say it all started going down hill from there. His mother tried at first to raise him, but she wasn't prepared or built for the pressures of single parenthood, and so ultimately she turned away from responsibility into a haze of late night parties, drugs and darker vices. Angelo made it only so far in primary school before he just stopped going, and his mother was generally passed out during his school-time hours anyway, so it was without demur or complaint.

It isn't, precisely, that he was unhappy. Angelo and his mother got along reasonably well, but there was nothing maternal about their relationship. The lad learned very young how to take care of himself, and sometimes his matron, and the two were sometimes more like room mates than relations. The onset of adolescence, being as it was almost compeltely unexpected for Angelo, hit him very hard, and by the age of fourteen he was already following his mother down her dark roads. It began as a cry for attention, but before long the drugs and the sensory overload were the only things in Angelo's world. He became homeless, a drifter. His entire life was focused around getting his next fix in any way necessary.

And then finally, like so many other sad souls, he died. Malnourished, overdosed and sickly, it was several days before anyone found his body. His spirit, miserable and untethered, wandered for what seemed a small eternity. The saddest part is that Angelo wasn't even sure what it was that his Spirit was seeking, why it refused to move beyond the veils. It was a relief when a black-clad lady with a magic sword freed Angelo, but only because he expected to find oblivion at the end of her sword. He did not...

Soul Arc
Even the seedy part of Rukongai in which Angelo shortly found himself was an improvement over his mortal life. Freed of the constraints of physical addiction and the day-to-day grind of his life, he found himself able, for the first time, to sit back and ruminate. He was not pleased with what he discovered about himself, his life, and many other things. This period would last for several years, during which Angelo caught up on the growing up that he'd failed to do in the real world. The first, and hardest, step was to forgive his mother, and once Angelo discovered he could do that, the rest was simple.

As he came to understand, from the other spirits in the Rukongai that he interacted with, the scope of human experience and how much he'd really missed by killing himself young, Angelo vowed that his afterlife would not be as much a waste as his life. He discovered for the first time a work ethic, and got a job to support himself instead of stealing, panhandling and scamming. He would spend ten years in the Rukongai, learning how to make friends, how to carry himself, how to be honorable and how to distinguish good and bad. Simple lessons, but hard learned.

It was all work for him; things most people took for granted required him to struggle and work, because he was approaching his (after-)life without the tools that most people had. He grit his teeth, internally, and bore it, because the process itself was rewarding to him. Every time he had to deny himself something, or force himself into a situation he was unhappy with, he felt almost cathartic, enriched even. He was a piece of pig iron and he was doing his best to let life forge him into a sword. It worked, and one day over drinks with a low-seated officer of the Squads, Angelo discovered that he could access his reiatsu. Thus, that he could become a Shinigami. Believing this to be a chance to further push himself and to atone for his wasted life, Angelo leapt at the opportunity.
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PostSubject: Re: Angelo Koteki   Fri Feb 19, 2010 2:53 pm

Well...I must say i like the app. approved.

Kenya's known kido
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Angelo Koteki
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