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 Jaxon's Hakuda Class

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PostSubject: Jaxon's Hakuda Class   Fri Feb 19, 2010 5:55 pm

It took her at most three minutes to get from her dorm room to the Hakuda Training Grounds, though to her it felt as if it took much longer. “Woo, I made it a few minutes early and I’m in one piece. Not bad for a first day.” She said to herself with a smile and a light chuckle. She looked around to see that there were quite a number of others here with her. From a guess at the top of her head, so far there were 40 students including her. She moved to sit down near the front and center. For some reason it always helped her learn better if she was close to the one who was teaching her something. It could be the fact she paid closer attention if you were directly in front of her. It could be the fact that the people in the front are usual the more serious ones while the jokers and slackers sat in the far back rows. Whatever the case, she was all about up close and personal when it comes to learning new things. It didn’t take long for the bell to chime again to signal that classes were now on the way. Jaxon looked around, searching for the one who was to be their sensei. When a child sized male Shinigami hoped up onto the table in front of them all, Jaxon could hear some of the snickers and comments that came from the other students. “Who’s the pipsqueak? Where’s our sensei? Is this our sensei’s son or something?” One would call out way in the back, a male voice. A group of females who obviously had beauty over brains were cooing at him. Jaxon could hear all of what the girls said and asked. “OH! He’s SO adorable!” One would say. “I want to take him home!” Another one would chime in. “Where’s your Mommy little guy? Are you lost? Want us to help you find your Mommy or maybe your Daddy?” Yet another would chip in. Jaxon just sweatdropped and sighed to herself as she shook her head. She knew this Shinigami before them was their sensei, though she must admit he is quite a cutie.

“Oh boy, here we go. This won’t be good.” She whispered to herself under her breath as she looked up at her sensei to gauge his reaction. The tiny Shinigami male didn’t really have much of an emotion on his face, it was completely neutral. Even if she couldn’t see his emotions, she knew that those who just showed him disrespect is about to get a long and painful lesson to live by. Meanwhile, the other students in her class were now either talking loudly or laughing. In a blink of her eye, it all went deathly silent and still. Her sensei wasn’t at the front anymore but was to the side and those students who started the class up in becoming wild were knocked out cold and didn’t appear to be moving. Her sensei turned around to face the other students, who now all watched him with a mix of fear and awe. “Do not judge others by their looks, class. As it can and will cost you your life in the end. Remember that.” The tiny Shinigami said in a tone that was cold as ice and was dark. Jaxon gulped a bit as she had a feeling this Shinigami was from the 2nd Division from just the way he was silent in knocking out almost half of her class. The voice made him even more of the kind of person to be a part of the 2nd Division. When he seemed to be satisfied, the sensei moved back to the front of the class as if by magic. “Now then, we are here for Hakuda. Hand-to-hand combat skills. Partner up and start practicing your skills on one another. Here, anything goes. There’s no such thing as cheap shots when it could mean the difference of you living or dieing.” He said before he snapped his fingers as a signal for them to start what he ordered them to do.

Jaxon got up and walked up to another female. The other female had pure white hair and almost pale blue eyes. “Hello, I’m Jaxon. Care to be my partner?” She asked with a smile as she asked the other female nicely. The other female nodded quickly as she smiled a bit shyly. And just like that, they started to spar with each other by using just their hands as well as their bodies. Jaxon kept her eyes on the other female while she had her hands up as if to guard her face. The other female came at her straight ahead and sent a punch flying her way. Jaxon ducked under her arm, dodging the punch, and sent out a right hook to the girl’s stomach. The girl now glared at Jaxon and seemed to be pissed that she was the one to be hit first. “I’m sorry.” Jaxon said. She didn’t want to make an enemy but this was what had to happen. She sure as hell wasn’t going to be the one to get hurt. “Oh shut up. You did that on purpose! I’ll get you for that!” The other female snarled out as she ran at Jaxon once more. Jaxon sighed. At least she has tried. Jaxon sent a few jabs at the other girl, but her jabs were blocked while the girl made a move to trip her. Jaxon started to lose her balance as she was hit by the kick to one of her legs. As she started to go down, she turned her body and used the top of her foot to hook around the other girl’s knee. This caused the other girl to go down as well.

This continued on for an hour or so. It felt like days to Jaxon though as she never had to work this hard. By this time, both her and her partner were slightly sweaty and tired. Most of the other students were laying or sitting down catching their breath. Only she and her partner were still standing. This caught the attention of their sensei, who has been watching the whole class from where he sat on the desk at the front of the room. He started to clap, which stopped her and her partner from trying once more to go at each other one last time. “Wonderful ladies. You both seem to have the idea of what it means to fight with only your body and hands.” He said as he nodded to them both. Jaxon and her partner both smiled. They just got a compliment from their sensei. This meant a lot to any student, to get a compliment like that from their own sensei.

“Thank you sensei.” Jaxon said as she bowed her head to him in respect. Meanwhile her partner went to a chair and collapsed in it. Their sensei merely shook his head at the others while saying “You all fail except for these two ladies the first and only test. You all are to come here at the crack of dawn and practice your skills nonstop.” At the news, those who still had enough energy, groaned and cursed. Their sensei paid them no heed and instead turned his attention on the two ladies who passed this test of his. “Congratulations ladies, you two are free to go. You don’t have to come back unless you want more practice.” He told them before he turned his attention to the rest of the class. “You are all dismissed.” Was all he said before he suddenly disappeared. Jaxon smiled widely and got up, wincing a bit as her body was very sore. She then walked out of the area, she was heading off to the showers and then she’ll move on to where her Hoho class was to take place.

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Jaxon's Hakuda Class
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