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 Hellsing RPG

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PostSubject: Hellsing RPG   Sat Mar 06, 2010 8:56 pm

It has been three years since the initial Millennium attacks all over London and several parts of the world Hellsing and Iscariot has tread within, after the two having forged an alliance in order to match up to Millennium's numbers and tenacity. Despite all of these advantages, Millennium has pushed the two back, deeper into the world before there was a climatic fight which resulted in a massive casualty for all sides. Millennium, despite its losses, was still active in these years, and has disappeared without a trace.

The year now is 2002, with Iscariot and Hellsing rebuilding their forces, and so are they building up their hatred they have for one another, as a year prior to this, the alliance was broken off due to the dogmatism of the Iscariot. Rome, having been rebuilt and now, under a new administration with Enrico as Pope due to the death of the old one, and the Cardinal election that followed with Enrico Maxwell scoring a majority of votes, decided to try to find ways to decimate Hellsing without knowing what true danger awaits. Hellsing, the only voice of reason in this conflict, realizes that Millennium will be back. Even then, the air of hatred broods high for the two. The power hungry Enrico looking forward to such a conflict to rid of Protestantism and all the filth they have brought to Great Britain.

Meanwhile, Millennium themselves are currently underground in Greenland, having rebuilt their forces and even established a main base in that area to launch such attacks, develop new weaponries and improve the flaws that comes with artificial vampirism. The army of clones they have ready to be unleashed, but at the command of the Major's words. Having already made sure that no outside interferences will distract him from his perfect war by having several nations, most prominently the United States, to have a vampire agent act as a Vice President and keep a close watch in order to make sure everything goes as planned, and now, rather than just Hellsing in Great Britain, his view has expended by tenfold to include all of Europe for the endless war he ever so envisions.

If you wish to be apart of this or even to just play in a more down to earth setting, come on and play at Hellsing RPG

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Hellsing RPG
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