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 DO & DIE!

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PostSubject: DO & DIE!   Sun Mar 07, 2010 12:01 am

Quincy Registration

Name: Queen Endrance Mi Alarae

Rank: Elite

Actual Age: 25

Gender: female


Personality: Describe your character's personality. Must be at least three lines.


Likes: Enforcing Law, Protecting Harmony, Destroying Evil, Sealing away Darkness, etc.

Dislikes: Disorder, Lawlessness, Evil, Darkness, etc.

Reiatsu Color: Black and White with a slight red outline

Unusual Occurings:
-Uncontrollable convulsions
-Random Nose Bleeds
-Hair Levitates
-Eyes change colors

Anything extra:
Lady Endrance has a mental seal blocking away her Yami. Endrance harbors a malignant darkness inside of her. This darkness is an extremely evil entity and is the evil of Endrance's mind. The being's name is Yami and in truth is the other Endrance. Yami was sealed away by Endrance and some of the Elders because she wanted to be purely good in existence. Yami became an existence because upon being sealed away half of Endrance's soul fused with the darkness. The power of both beings are equal and balanced in every aspect. Only the fact that Yami wants to kill and Endrance wants to preserve balance.

-Being Betrayed
-Evil taking control
-Her mental seal being broken
-Yami's entirety


Youth Years:
Endrance was born in the European Quincy Settlement Reserve. She lived at the EQSR for most of her life and spent much of her years in discipline and archery training. She had exceeded beyond most everyone in her perfect aim. The Quincy Elders were amazed by the talent that was produced forth from this youth and started to watch her in secrecy. She had known they were always there, somewhere hidden. Soon she was able to perfectly hunt while being blindfolded and this was at the age of 9 years of age. When Endrance was 10 years old she saved an elder's life by slaying his supposed assassin, this occurred while she was out on a night stroll and saw an unknown shadowy mass. She had everyone of the members of the EQSR's body figure memorized, every proportion, markings, everything. Endrance was now a Quincy hero, and was praised by everyone in her quick succession of being a bow master. For many of the following years she spent her time working with her spiritual powers and trying to gain more strength in her spiritual areas. This part of her archery was the hardest but she was sooner than later a master of her power and still trying to get better.

When Endrance was 17 she was approached by the head elder and was told that her mother an woman she never new existed had died. She wanted to know more about her family's origins, but the elders only gave fragmented pieces of data every time she asked. Now frustrated a little at the world now, a thing that never in her life had occurred. She spent many of her off times in the Archival, looking through every past archive and found a repeating name in the important documents coming from a woman named Dalaria Vi Alarae. Dalaria's name was found in the death archives and was listed to have occurred 4 days before she was notified of her mother's death. Soon Endrance walked up to the head Elder and boldly said Dalaria Vi Alarae the Queen of The Quincys. The Elder stared at Endrance and he told her about her being a princess and that her guise was to protect her and it was now broken. Endrance was told that since she learned of her heritage, she had to be sent to the Alarae Castle found on a secluded island off of Japan.

Enter the Princess and the Awakening of Yami:
From the moment Endrance entered her family's castle she was sent to the training grounds so that the curators and person trainers of the family and members of the Alarae family could see her skills in action. While Endrance was proving herself her eyes tuned pitch black and she entered a stage of pure ferocity showing savage but perfect skills that she never original would have done. When her savagery went away asked everyone if they were ready to see her talented archery. Everyone clapped and said we have seen enough and you are very powerful. Endrance was obviously confused, she never shot of any arrows. Soon she turned and saw that in every perfect goal mark was found her specialty black arrows. This obviously frightened her so she headed to the Alarae's Super Human doctor. The doctor said that she had an evil self lurking inside of her body and would need to go through a sealing ritual. Everyone was told about the up coming ritual and that everyone had to meditate and stabilize their spiritual power.

Sealing Away the Darkness:
Everyone in the castle formed a perfect circle around Endrance and started pouring their spiritual powers into Endrance for the sealing of Yami. Yami was kind of scared with this sealing for he saw himself shrinking and being placed in a beautiful box located in Endrance's brain. The ritual went on for many hours and once it was done everyone in the circle was exausted. In truth none of the people would have done the ritual but Endrance was their future queen so they had to prove their allegiance, since they did not know what she would do to them for betrayal. After the sealing everyone rested for awhile everyone started to train with the soon-to-be queen in hopes of improving her current mastery.

Risen to the Throne:
After three years of extra intense training Endrance was brought to her coronation, an event that would happen towards herself in her life. The coronation was absolutely fabulous, the food was amazing, the fantastic outfits, and all the decorations perfected the escorte or ballroom hall (large area is also known as a hall). Endrance had finally found some thing that made her highly ranked. With her new rank she would try to bring the world into a stage a balance and true acceptance of all. Everyone was seated and listened to the beautiful melodies coming from the choirs, the magical symphonies coming from the expert instrumentalists, and the fantastic rhythms coming from the pianists. Endrance walked up onto the aisle way and made her way to the spire. Once she entered the spire she had spoken her vows and went through a beautiful speech and ended with her acceptance of her crown. Everyone cheered with ringing glee and went to the after party. The after party was just.... FANTABULOUS. The magical day ended with everyone leaving to spend there few resting days in the castle's rooms. Everyone soon went home to enjoy their lives under a new powerful reign. Currently the Queen is investigating the Quincy Hospital and its mysteries.

RP Sample is down below if you want my expanded RP sample contact me through PM

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