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 Wolf Jay ~ human (Done)

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Wolf Jay
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PostSubject: Wolf Jay ~ human (Done)   Sun Mar 07, 2010 5:19 pm

Name: Jason Andy Yule

*Nick name/ alias: Wolf Jay

Age: 18

Gender: Male


Reiatsu Color: Gray

Height: Six ft seven inches

Weight: 10 stone

Hair Color: Light brown

Eye Color: Light blue

Body Type:average

*Additional Information: His left eye has a scar on it


General Personality: He has Schizophrenia, he hears his dead brother, sees him and he sometimes a shadow like wolf at times who speaks negitvily. He is quite a random person and seems to act very strange for example he would try and make freinds with hollows.

*Likes: Food, girls, drinks, people who want to be his freind

*Dislikes: People who don't want to be his freind

*Hobbies: Skateboarding

*Habits: In fights he usualy shouts shut up randomly

Fears: Shadows and snakes


Background Story: Jay used to live in Scotland with his older brother, at his birth his parents died his mother giving birth and his father went out the hospital and was eaten by a hollow. He and his brother were put in the same orphanage, Jay had little confadince through his life and always looked towards his brother for help and encouregment, he was so dependent on his brother.
When Jay was ten and his brother was fourteen they went for a walk in a park but were attacked by a hollow, it looked like a shadowy figuer to Jay and he could see it resembled a snake it devoured jays borther and left Jay with a scar on his left eye, he was saved by a shinigami.

After that Jay acted..strangly, he kept talking to him self over and over again and several other things, he ran away. He tured up again some time ago with a wolf that only people with some spirtual awerasness could see, it seemed after he ran away his powers surafed and he trained but he developed schizophrenia.
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PostSubject: Re: Wolf Jay ~ human (Done)   Tue Mar 09, 2010 1:50 am


"....In war, everything is against you. The only thing you can rely on is yourself and your blade. Nothing else will keep you alive. Trust no one but your own instincts. Kill everything and if you do die, you better bring as many damn enemies with you...." -segment of a speech. Order of Swords Regiment Leader, Name: unknown
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Wolf Jay ~ human (Done)
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