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 Zanjutsu Class

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PostSubject: Zanjutsu Class   Thu Mar 11, 2010 12:24 am

The sounds of wooden swords rang through the entire class as kids from all over began to spar. There was nothing more to do but exactly that. In the end half of them would fail the exam anyway, the other half would pass but probably not even survive the first week on the real job. Nothing more than an annoyance. Looking around Ryu, had taken a break for an extremely large amount of time from the academy. He became sick of them all, and just left for a few days. Going back to his old home district to simply enjoy himself, and forget about all the stress of classes. That and the fact that half of the teachers were out to get him for a set amount of time. Sure he could take one or two, but when you honestly think about it, there was no chance to win that. Ryu looked around at the different member's of the class, each and every one of them. He had to figure out what kind of person they were in here. There was a chance that he could make a bet much like he had in hakuda class. The only difference this time was, all weapons were free game. So that careful winning chance he usually had was no longer there. Not only that but his new class were a bunch of uptight kids. Non of them would allow him to get away with anything. When he walked in with his regular zanpaktou what happened was he was snitched on almost immediately. Apparently they couldn't trust a bunch of kids messing around together in a room along with zanpaktou's. To a point that made sense, chances were that he would get kicked out anyway. He would no longer mess around too much for fear of getting in trouble. When he returned they had nailed him for his absence. There really wasn't much to say but complain for him on that point. He had fallen far behind several on his classes. It was pretty safe to assume if he didn't leave he would have graduated by now. Instead he was the same strength he had been for several weeks. Not that it mattered much, he wasn't afraid to fight anybody. If anyone started something, it didn't matter how it would end up. Ryu would go down fighting, that was his general mentality. After finishing his entire scope out of the room Ryu concluded that there was no potential.

These weren't the people to risk it all. He had to find an alternative way to make money. But the more he tried to consider a way to make money the less he could consider ideas. Shaking his head, Ryu began to turn his head and walk out. He would have to find something to do. Stopping suddenly he began to remember the first thing he did that landed him in the hospital. He started a fight with the teacher. It was a pretty even fight. Of course, he had several different ways on how to cheat. From having the crowd throw in weapons. To if he remembered correctly he got into a fight with even the teacher last class. Ended up getting his head smashed face first into the ground. That combine with his absence only made him imagine his damaged reputation. Well there wasn't much more to do than fix it anyway. So to do that first thing was to graduate the academy. For the first time in his life Ryu had goals. Walking towards the center of the classroom Ryu stood behind the current sparing session. Most of these kids had never met him before. They had no idea what would go through his head at any given time. Had they been one of the original people they would know what he was about to do. But being clueless as they were it would hit them all like bombs. Mid way through the sparring session, Ryu walked up and took a wooden sword from the rack. Walking back slowly he eyed each and every person around the room slowly. He was bored, bad things happened when the kid was bored. Raising his sword high into the air, Ryu waited for one of them to move back. Smiling slightly as they unknowingly got into position Ryu got ready for an attack. Ryu brought the wooden sword down on his victims head. The stunned person crumpled under the surprise attack. They hadn't seen it coming at all, it came as a true surprise. The sound sent out a loud thud as they hit the ground. Suddenly all eyes were on Ryu as they darted back and forth to the person who had done the damage. As he stood over his victim with a demented smile the whole class held a silence. None of them expected such a move from the new kid, especially unprovoked. If anything they expected him to move off and stay silent like he was earlier.

Though things almost never turn out the way you want them too. Ryu had learned that the hard way several times. The person on the ground was still twisting in pain. The rest of the room was in total shock at the event. Suddenly the person, holding their head that was dripping a small amount of blood falling from his head, began to stand up. Ryu could never have had this when he was trying to say he was in control. Raising the wooden sword one more time he brought it right back down on the poor boy's head. Looking back at the teacher he was lost in his own business. He was a strict one that thought as long as you followed the rules you were fine. Randomly smashing someone over the head with a wooden stick wasn't against the rules. At least, Ryu didn't think it was, if it was, he certainly was going to pay for it in a short amount of time. Still he was determined to keep this kid down. There was only one sure fire way to that. Ryu raised the stick once again above his head. Ryu began to bring the wooden weapon down on the kids back. Constantly smashing the the sword into the shinigami's back. This only warranted more attention, from the other shinigami. Who would attack a person un provoked. After the barrage Ryu looked up at the person who was sparring his victim. "I got bored" Ryu looked up and smiled a little bit, stepping over the knocked out body on the floor. He began to play with the sword, making the same violent gestures towards the second kid. Walking a little closer the guy became agitated and began to after him. Obviously he thought this fight would be fair. Ryu jerked his arm and a satin black knife fell down his wrist. Only thing keeping it protected from his own weapons was the bandages he had. In a second Ryu through the knife at the boy's leg. Only the people closest to him knew what happened, he reacted so quickly. Walking up too the person who had just fallen in front of him. Ryu began to walk ahead and stood over him. By this point initial shock had worn off, and the whispers of kids could be heard. Ryu stood over him ominously and began to mercilessly beat him with the weapon. At some point he tried to work on getting up only to have his leg, hit with the weapon. When Ryu was done he turned to the class, and began looking at them. Finally the reactions he wanted could get started. The dirty looks of several kids were almost boring holes in his soul. Ryu simply smirked at them both, threw the wooden katana off to the side and said "Next."

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Zanjutsu Class
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