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 Wolf Jay's Power (wip)

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Wolf Jay
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PostSubject: Wolf Jay's Power (wip)   Thu Mar 11, 2010 3:00 pm

General Information-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name: Fenris Claws

Family: Metal

Type: Melee

First release---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

*Appearance: In stand by mode it looks like a small grey wolf cub in battle mode it looks like werewolf claws gloves and even matching shoes

Power: Gloves and shoes enhance Jays power and speed

Weakness: Close range, the longer a battle draws out the harder it is to keep Fennris in battle mode

*Attacks: Full Moon kick: Jay jumps into the air and then does a 360 front flip and kicks down wards, adding the moment of the spin to his normal damage.

Wolf Combo ver 1: Simply a hell of alot of punches about fifty of them.

Empowered Release-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Appearance: The gloves and shoes transform into gauntlets and boots, looking more beasitly than before.

Power: Able to use mid range attacks

Weakness: Same weakness as before

*Attacks: Wolf combo ver 2: This is more powerfull than his last one, first he knocks the opponent into the air then grabs their leg and smashes them back down and then does and ax kick straight to the chest area.

Fang bang: Fires the claws out of the gauntlets which explode on contact (takes 5 posts for claws to reform on the gauntlets)
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Wolf Jay's Power (wip)
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