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 Hakuda class

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PostSubject: Hakuda class   Sat Mar 13, 2010 4:12 pm

Adam was walking around the academy after finishing up his swordsmanship training. He did learn quite a bit when he was there. Adam kept his normal bored look on his face as he entered the Hakuda dojo and or training grounds. He didn't see anyone he knew here, other than the teacher, who had taught him a lot awhile ago when he was going through his spec ops training. His teacher was deadly and a master of Hakuda, which if not used properly could spell your death. Adam was trained to push Hakuda to it limits even if it did mean him get killed in the process.

Adam loved this kind of Hand to hand fighting better than Kido because this one helped teach him how to predict the enemies next moves, making this a deadly art. But if someone had missread their opponents moves it might spell death. Adam knew this fact and still kept his love for the art, and its teachers. Adam made sure that every time he was going ot read his opponents moves he'd take into account they might change it up.

Adam's teacher gave him a nod after he had sat down beside a group of other soul reapers. Once everyone was seated the teacher began her instructions. while she went on Adam kept his eyes fixed on her. She was beautiful as she was deadly, she had a nice slim and sexy body, which attracted his eyes to her, but he made it look like he didn't give a care. But when ever she looked at him and gave him a smile, Adam's face turned red then he'd have to use his long blonde hair to cover his face. Adam thought she must have liked bugging him with the way she kept making him feel, and act. He wasn't to impressed with this side of her, which made him want to ignore her, but he managed to fight that part of him off for awhile and get his bored, and uncaring look back upon his handsome face.

After a few long and boring hours of instuction, examples, and a few embarrising moments for Adam that were nearly revealed to the whole class more than once. They all stood up from their spots and began to pair up with one another, to fight eachother with what they have just been taught. Adam was forced to pair up with the teacher, which he wasn't to happy with as of right now. Once they had all found their partners they sat down by each other to watch a example fight between Adam and their teacher. Adam mearly grummbled then slid his hands into his pockets as he was called up. "Why is it always me she has to bug?" Adam wondered as he stopped on the practice mat. After she told her class how the two of them where going to show them how to fight using Hakuda Adam felt a little bit of unease as he didn't want to fight his teacher but it was something he had to do.

Adam slid his hands out of his pockets then raised them up into a battle ready position, like his teacher did before him. Their eyes met each others, telling each other they were going to kill you. Adam made the first move throwing his right fist to her left side at a blinding speed. She blocked it then returned it with hers, to his face. Adam looked up quickly still having his face looking calm and bored at the same time. Adam quickly blocked her attack then sent his left knee into her gut. She gave him a quick smile as she threw down his leg with her left hand, after Adam had returned it to his side.

After what seemed like a good hour of fighting Adam's teacher stopped the fight say, "Thats a good enough example." as she also took in heavy breaths being tired after a good long fight. Adam fell to the ground landing on his butt, taking a few seconds to catch his breath. It was a hard fight and it made Adam feel like good.

After a few more hours his lesson was done, and he walked out of the dojo with a new sence of strength.

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Hakuda class
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