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 Tama-chan Tama-chan

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PostSubject: Tama-chan Tama-chan   Tue Mar 16, 2010 5:12 pm

Name:Tamaki Miniyuki

Age: 450

Visual Age:12

Gender: Male



General Appearance:

Reiatsu color:Radiant black with a blue tint

Height:167 cm

Weight:120 lbs

Hair Color:Brown

Eye Color:Blue

Body Type:slim alittle bit average

*Additional Information:he has a piercing thats shaped like a "V" on his tongue pointing downward.


General Personality: tamaki is always jolly and joyful. His attitude gets the better of people as his smiles give every a warm feeling inside. he is to sweet to love anyone but sometimes that gets the better of him and his allys. People sometimes wonder why he was made a shinigami in the first place he is to hyper active most of the time

*Likes:everything sweet, friends, kids around his age, and he loves and i mean loves Apples

*Dislikes:Anything yucky like vegetables, meanies (bullies) and authority figures.

*Hobbies:Likes to play alot and i mean alot

*Habits:Walking in circles and/or psinning in circles

Fears:Dark, Thunder storms, heights


History:History: Introduction arc
Tamaki Yamamoto...the only boy you will meet who has a calm serene look on his face at everything. Whether someone he was close to died or if he badly injured himself the expression on his face never changed. You could call him off but that won't matter he will pay you no mind as he only repsects thoughs higher than him. If he talks to you then that means he thinks you guys are equal but if he brushes past you then i guess you know what that means...He thinks your trash.

Childhood arc
Sounds of screaming...looks of fear and stress in peoples eyes...a white light, with people underneath it dropping sweat from there chin. White outfits and a lady on a bed, squeezing life out of her husbands hand has she cries to the heavens above.10 minutes have passed and the screaming became panting and there were sighs of relief as Tamaki was born.. usually when a baby comes out of the mothers woumb they scream and cry, but not tamaki...no, no...tamaki, what he did was look at his mother with a sweet innocient look and then at his Father and the doctors and went to sleep. the mother went to sleep the second her sons eyes closed...but something was wrong the mother eyes didn't close out of tiredness they closed out of..de..de...Death!. No one new that the mother had died but when they wondered why hasn't she woken up...the doctors checked her pulse.It was official Sinrieta Yamamoto was dead.It was a tragic seen for both the Father and the doctors...but there was still hope...atleast tamaki was still alive and truly that mostly matters...The mom wanted tamaki to be alive more than she wanted herself to be alive and the father took tamaki 4 weeks after he was born and they strolled off home. 3 years later when tamaki was 3 and a half it was then when his father realized something about tamaki. he found out that tamaki never laugh nor got mad...he would do what he is told by someone higher than him and his calm serene graced face would never change no matter what you tried to do it stayed like that for the longest.When it was time for tamaki to go to school his dad told him..." Stay away from the bullies and make friends with the rest" tamaki took his dads advice even though it didn't seem like it and it was set in stone he did exactly what his father did.9Something you should know genjo loved to right and here is one of his pieces......Genjo was an odinary boy.he had a mom, dad 3 sisters and 2 brothers. His moms name was moturo, his dads name was honto, his sisters anmes where hinta, moshoo,and fena, his brothers names where Jasper, Jouujoo, and Maltin.he was alittle loopy he admitted he was, his dad said he was even his sibblings said he was but his mom didn't. Its hard for him to go out in the world when people always looked down on him. he was the type of boy who was arrogant yet loyal. People still wonder what went wrong with him after he became a jounin. he says nothing went wrong and people need to mind there own buisness. he was a boy who loved fight and candy. Sometimes he would actually try to do justsu's with candy but failed some of the time. he did manage to pull some off that is until his father found out and made give it up. genjo secretly still did it but was kind and loyal toward his dad. When it was time for genjo to start the chuunin exams he was excited. He didn't care if his dad was there or not. genjo wowed the crowd with his unique abillte to use candy as a weapon and jutsu. His jutsu's never failed not once. he wopped through the crowd ready to take on any obstacle headed his way he was siked and wasn't going to let and bully take him away he knocked down the first parts of the chuunin exams till he was up agaisnt this one opponent who was tough. Genjo's candy had no effect so he quit the candy for that round and started using all of the fire techniques and wind techniques his dad taught him. pretty soon genjo lost the chuunin exams but that was alright with him because he loves to lose it helps him figure out how and why he lost). Everyday tamaki would get a good report from his teachers as he was living his life to meet his own expectations no one elses yeah he will take advice when its given to him but other than that he will do nothing more.On Tamaki's 16 birthday as he was walking to school with his many friends he heard a tragic noise but he face stayed the same the calm serene smile never disappeared, even when he was sleep, but when he heard the noise he quickly ran to the seen leaving his friends in his dust and ran to exactly where he heard the noise as it started to ran...hard. (this is the only time in tamaki's life where he actually cries and his calm serene expressions disappears for about1hramaki came to the karakura town park he saw blood dripping down the slides and off the swings and when he ran to the grass and saw a body laying on it he dropped to his knees and cried in agony as the person before him who was laying on the ground drenched in blood with a huge hole in his stomach and part of his leg missing was his...Dad.Tamaki cried and cried....he didn't bother calling anyone as someone already did. but he cried and cried thill the Ambulance and police came. The ambulance got to the seen before the police officers and when they where going to take tamaki's dad's corpse away tamaki slapped there hands away and continued to cry but thwne the police came the calmly picked tamaki up first and the ambulance continued doing there job.The police talked to tamaki for a while as he stopped crying and he told them every single detail of what occured or what he thinks happen.After that tamaki face returned to its serene calm self and he never cried again.

Death arc
On tamaki's 18th and final B-day that samething that happened to his father happened to him and it was like each one of his family members where being targeted.that thing tamaki say the day his dad died was the samething he saw the same day he died and he died with the same expression on his face. When he died his spirit stay in karakura town but a soul reaper found him and passed him on to the rukongai. Tamaki's spiritual energy was frightnening some of the people in the rukongai. It was years after that when he made it in the academy and made some friends. He was a quick learner in his days at the academy, he was so quick that he mastered some pretty cool kido's and what not, he even got his zanpakuto and when that happened he was discovered by the captain of squad 5 and he immediatley accepted his offer in to letting him join squad 5.Even though Tamaki was just a rookie in the squad his captain saw much more in him.
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PostSubject: Re: Tama-chan Tama-chan   Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:11 am

There ya go
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Approved =)
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Tama-chan Tama-chan
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