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 Ookii Koori Tedibea

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PostSubject: Ookii Koori Tedibea   Wed Mar 17, 2010 5:27 pm

General information-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name: Ookii Koori Tedibea (Giant Ice Teddy Bear)




Inner World:It is a polar ice universe. Nothing is more colder than this world. Tamaki's zanpakuto spirit lives here and he loves to his hearts content. Tamaki likes it when his zanny offers him to come but sometimes tamaki dooesn't because it gets to cold for him sometimes. It always snows whether it is alittle or alot and the snow never piles up also there are no blizzards there at all so it is safe.



Height:The manifestation itself is probaly 43 ft tall and 49 ft across

Weight: 876

Personality: Calm and relaxed......I lied trust me this zanpakuto could be tamaki's twin brother or something. the both act the same even if the zanpakuto spirit is suppose to be all superior.

Habits:Tamaki's zanny has a very bad habit of humming all the time.

Soul Connection:Tamaki and Ookii are all about the cold they both don't know it but its true. In the winter time tamaki will prbaly wear shorts and a tang-top no matter where he is, he might aswell swim in the pnds and water holes of antartica.

Sealed State--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


The nodachi was more difficult to wield due to its size and weight. The length of the nodachi's hilt varied between twelve to thirteen inches (30 to 33 centimeters). Its cutting capability and range exceeds that of a katana, due to its weight and size.



release phrase: Lets have fun Ookii T

Appearance: When this zan is released its hilt becomes the claws of the zanpakuto spirit and the blade is longer than tamaki is tall. It is blue and white all over and the end part of it on the handle is a little polar bear paw.. The blade also has a sharp point that is covered in ice and the blade itself rediates with tamaki's black tinted blue spiritual energy.

Ability: Tamaki's shikai release has one ability and one only. It is called II Desu (Good lol). What he does is his zan radiats with spiritual energy making his zan's blade disapear but it is still there and this can be useful for alot of things. The only downfall to this attack his once it is used and you cancel it out the zan imediately goes to hsi sealed form and stays that way temporarily. the reason for that is because tamaki is still in the process of learning how to maintain his spiritual energy when ever this move of his is interupted his spiritual energy is interupted shouting both the attack and shikai off.

Weakness: I posted that in the ability.

Attacks:will post soon


Appearance: (a detailed description of what the bankai looks like, an image is optional)

*Character Change: (how does your character change due to this release)

Ability: (what does your bankai do)

Weakness: (self explanatory)

Attacks: (most of you know these as "techs")
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Ookii Koori Tedibea
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