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 Zanjutsu Training (W.I.P)

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PostSubject: Zanjutsu Training (W.I.P)   Wed Mar 17, 2010 6:16 pm

Waking up in his room set to a degree of nearly -10, Tamaki yawned and got up from his cozy bed. He walks to the showers as the floor makes a creeking sound with every step. He yawns for atleast 5 minutes, rubs his eyes and steps in the shower. He takes of everything, stripping down to the skin as his brown hair somewhat covers his eyes from seeing he took his clothes off exactly in the shower. Fixing that accident he turns on the water to the coldest it would get and relaxed as the cold water trickling his skin made him tingle with delight. He made sure he was fresh and clean when exiting the shower. He didn't want to be stinky. Exiting the showers he dried his hair, put on a robe that was o big for him, even though he thinks the bigger it is the better use it has. Once Tamaki was all dressed, his tiredness withdrew and he was back to his normal, happy, obnoxious self. He walked up to a teddy bear and he scrubbed it down till even the dirt on it sparkled with a green apple smell. He took the bear with him to this traing area where he was finally going to max out his Zanjutsu training. Watching his peers train wasn't good enough for him to understand how it works, he wanted to do it head on so he will have what it takes when danger faces him. He set up the dummy and sat down his teddy bear near by. "Okay here i go", he said as he grabbed a wooden sword faster than the eye could see and he ran to the dummy hitting it with multiple wacks, as each hit complemented the next and before. "Okay good so far, lets try some more" he continued to hit the
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Zanjutsu Training (W.I.P)
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