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 Titus's Mask (Done)

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PostSubject: Titus's Mask (Done)   Fri Dec 25, 2009 6:10 am

Inner Hollow--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name of inner Hollow: Zelsim

Appearance: negative of Titus

Personality: Zelsim is a very sadistic person. He loves blood,anger, death and destruction. The true traits of a hollow. He always tends to get up close and personal when speaking with Titus, always appearing behind him and leaning over his shoulder to talk in his ear. He loves toying with his prey, making them beg before killing them.

*Traits: when he whispers into Titus's ear.



Summoning: Titus puts up four fingers and tucks his thumb behind his index finger.He bring his hand from be back of his skull all the way down his face as if it were resting on the top of his head.

Special Powers:

1. Titus can "use the force" in a sense. He can focus a small amount of semi-invisible "force" at an opponent.The attack looks like a ball of light smoke or fog being shoot at the opponent. This travels at fast speeds and is quite hard to dodge. Upon contact it push's the enemy back a considerable distance if they are caught off guard.a projectile form of his shikai ability.

2.Titus can fire four small ceros at once through a unique firing position. Titus expands his arms out to activate this. The ceros charge in his palms and on each side of his chest. The ceros are quick to charge and fire (can fire in same post as charge) but takes a long time to be able to use it again (5 posts). He cannot however fire less than four ceros. He may either shoot one regular cero (standard vaizard cero) or use this attack.


Name: fortuna (spanish)
fortune (english)

Representation: human

Aspect of Death: bad luck

Family:game (requires the Success Rate feature)

Release command:decided with me now, fortune (english)

Appearance:Titus forms a mask fragment that covers one eye. This then extends outward to the side of his face and a series of three spikes branch off from it to behind his head that are three inchs in length. Titus gains a several new appendages in this release. Titus's left arm, from the forearm down becomes that of a white cylinder. This cylinder has the diameter of 6 inch's. Along the outer edge of it is a black design like that of a circus cannon ( i really hope everyone knows what this looks like so I don't have to add a picture). Titus's right arm, from the forearm down, becomes that of a blade or tower shield (depending on ability activated.). The blade looks like that of a huge spike jutting out of his forearm at the base of the joint and is pure hollow-white. The tower shield stands as tall as Titus and resembles his hollow mask on a white surface. The teeth however are open like it is screaming at the opponent and can be used to catch blades if used correctly.Titus hollow hole appears right below his diaphragm and his hollow mask consumes his entire face. Small spiked shoulder pads appear on him as well with a single large clear crystal pendant positioned towards the opponent (note this is visible at all times pretty much.) Also at the base of the neck, another large crystal pendant appears, replacing his necklace during the release. Various times during battle these crystals give off a unique color and glow.

Ability: During Titus's release everyone within a 100 yard radius of him will be affected by his ability (lets just go with anyone in the same topic unless someone says they are more than 100+ yards away.). During his release every four turns it is activated a unique color and glow will appear on the three large crystals on his body. The color are: black,red,blue and white. Each one has a specific order everyone must obey. If someone break one of these rules, then they will suffer twice as much damage from a landing attack. THIS EFFECT CAN BE STACKED! Titus has no control over what color appears as his resurreccion is based on humans luck.

Weakness: someone learning the rules of his ability.

*Attacks: The colors and rules of each:

1.black- when its black only kido and ceros are allowed (this includes no blocking, only dodging). Titus fires ceros and bala from his cannon arm during this time frame.

(success rate numbers:76-100)

2.red-Only attacks are allowed during this time frame (also involves no blocking, only dodging). Titus's right arm morphs into the spike blade during this time frame.

(success rate numbers:51-75)

3. blue- Only allowed to block (no attacks of any kind,but ramming one another is allowed). Titus's right arm morphs into the tower shield during this time frame.

(success rate numbers:26-50)

4. white- both are healed with a white aura, no attacks or blocking an oncoming attack is allowed. This aura only heals it does not replenish, meaning if you are tired from the fight you wouldn't miraculously "feel better". The aura only heals minor cuts and shallow wounds not missing limbs. (it can also heal deep wounds if rolled twice in one battle).

(success rate numbers:1-25)

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PostSubject: Re: Titus's Mask (Done)   Fri Dec 25, 2009 7:31 pm

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Titus's Mask (Done)
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