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 Vali's Res

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PostSubject: Vali's Res   Sun Mar 21, 2010 8:04 pm

General information------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name: Serpiente (Serpent)

Representation: Snake

Aspect of Death: Loneliness

Core Form:

Family: Earth

Sealed State----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Appearance: A beautiful sword, colored a wonderful mixture of bronze, aqua, brown, and orange. The guard loops around to connect at the hilt, and continues to go up three inches to encompass an organ jewel. All along the blade there is fancy writing from a language long gone. Under the golden writing there is a touch of blue surrounded by brown and surrounded once more by gold. The tip of the sword is extremely sharp, and turns a bright orange as if it was in the forge. When dragged on the ground, or walls, or some surface, sparks will often emit from the tip of the blade, and a deep indent is usually left. This does not happen on skin though, unless it comes in contact with a hierro, or some other form of hard material (like the ground or a building or whatever)

Type: Sword.

Resurreccion-Stage 1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

release command: descanso (break)

Appearance: He looks strikingly similar to a serpent. He gains black scales on the top of his hands, up his arms, down his back, and across his legs. On his hands the scales extend literally over his fingers and when he balls his hands up into a fist they can act like a rounded sword. It's important to note that these scales are NOT his skin, rather they act like a type of armor that protects his skin underneath (similar to how a snake's scales protect it's body) The black and whites of his eyes turn a mystic blue though which stand out amongst the black scales that spread over his face as well. They don't cover his face, but that run from his back, up his neck (on the back and sides, no the front), around his ears, onto his cheeks, across his forehead, up his hairline, across his forehead, and stops in between his eyes. The scales are made of corundum (things like rubies and sapphires are types of corundum), but each is infused with his reiatsu to make it harder than nature made them to be. He alters the chemical make up of the corundum so that it comes in black, as it matches his eyes better. Corundum of a blood red color spread across his chest, over the front of his neck and under his chin, front of his legs, and palm of his hands. Over top of these scales he wears a black cloak made of iron threading, which is why it is semi shiny. The iron threading offers little protection, but it's enough to deflect attacks that have no momentum to them. This cloak goes down by a great deal over his hands (think of Sun-Sun's sleeves) The cloak reaches down across his feet, and the hood comes up over his face. While he is in this form he can see heat, much like a snake. However, unlike a snake he still can hear. Also, much like a snake he is quite flexible in this form, far more than any normal being should be. Between the scales and the robe he is capable of deflecting some attacks, but it is NOT a kind of heirro. It is simply like an extra set of armor that can be used to protect himself.

Ability: El Fin (The End) Valintine, through sheer force of will, stops expelling reiryoku, and forces himself to absorb it (both normal and earth elemental) at a faster rate than normal. He also breaks his inhibitors allowing him to take in more than his usual limit by twenty percent. Once this "new" limit has been reached he stops absorbing and forces it all out of his body in one large explosion. The explosion's radius is twenty feet in all directions. Valintine suffers damage similar to that of taking a cero from pointblank range. This is because he harms his body by breaking his inhibitors and by forcing all of the reiryoku out of his body at such a high rate. Despite taking damage, the damage the foe(s) take is on par with that of a Gran Rey Cero, and because of the earth reiryoku taken in as well petrification is a side-effect. The petrification will only last for one post.
Duration: 1 posts. Cooldown: 8 posts

Weakness: Fire, because the fire can take the heat damage out of some of his attacks.


Lava Dragon: Valintine summons three fountains of molten earth. These founts are then molded into the form of a dragon and wrap itself around Valintine, acting like a shield. The dragon may breathe lava, and can use it’s tail as a weapon. The length of the dragon is about 1,200 feet, or two football fields long. The width of the dragon is about 900 feet, or 1 1/2 football fields. During the creation of the dragon, the founts can be used as an offensive or defensive tool. The dragon may be destroyed if hit with a sufficiently powerful Kido spell. Physical attacks may only work on it if used on it's belly, and if the attack is strong enough the wound may cause the death of the dragon.
Duration: 3 posts. Cooldown: 4 posts

Crystal Formation: A simple technique and a versatile one at that. From the ground Valintine summons various minerals and mixes their make-up to form a diamond around his body. The only exposed spot is his mouth, and the diamond is purple as that is his favorite color. Mixed with his reiatsu, this ability acts like a second heirro, but on top of that he may form various weapons or shields from the diamond. This form can survive one fully powered bankai attack, and five full power shikai attacks. After said limit has been reached, it will break.
Duration: 3 posts. Cooldown: 4 posts

Petrify: Valintine can gather earth elemental reishi and channel it into a single pulse of earthly damage. This forces the enemy back as if they were hit with a large object. The true power of this attack is that it will slowly turn the enemy to stone. It will start with their legs and work it's way up. It takes a total of 4 posts for it to petrify the enemy. After he is fully turns into stone, it will take 2 posts for them to recover.
Duration: 6 posts. Cooldown: 10 posts

Resurreccion-Stage 2------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ((Will finish later))


Ability: Valintine can summon


Hydra: One of Valintine's personal favorites. This is just an evolved form of the Lava Dragon. But entering the dragon, he combines himself with it becoming one being. The size of such a beat grows to about half the hight of Fox-face's bankai, and don't be fooled by the size. Valintine's presence in the beat allows it to move rather quickly. Not at sonido speed, but fast enough to keep people on their feet. The heads grow from having one head to having nine, and each one has the ability to spew lava at the enemy. The weaknesses of the Lava Dragon do not apply here though, save for the physical attack. The Hydra's belly is layered with two layers of diamonds. These diamonds are infused with the reiatsu of Valintine though and so are three times stronger. It would take two full power bankai attacks to break one layer. After the last layer has been broke the heart of the dragon is exposed, and may be struck with a normal attack. Once the heart has been struck the Hydra dies. Binding kido spells used will be absorbed (there is no side effect of being absorbed. It just...is absorbed, has no effect, whatever you wanna call it), destruction spells will hit. Valintine doesn't use this often, but when he does it is serious. When the evolution takes place, the duration of the Lava Dragon is removed and the duration of the Hydra begins. The cooldown of the Hydra, however, applies to both Lava Dragon AND Hydra.
Duration: 5 posts. Cooldown: 8 posts.
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PostSubject: Re: Vali's Res   Sun Mar 21, 2010 8:23 pm

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Vali's Res
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