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 Daichi Hazumi Musha

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PostSubject: Daichi Hazumi Musha   Wed Mar 24, 2010 8:39 pm

General information-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name: Daichi Hazumi Musha (Earth Bound Warrior)

Type: elemental


Family: Earth

Inner World: A dense forest where no matter what the actual time is, the sun is always in the middle of the sky. The spiirt of Kami's Zanpakuto is in a cave made of upturned tree roots at the very edge of the forest.


Appearance: Beast form (mostly switches to this when he and Kami are sparring):
Human form (for when they're just talking):

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 135

Personality: quiet, wise, powerful, kind

Habits: Daichi will sometimes be extremely quiet, almost totally mute.

Soul Connection: Daichi and Kami both relate to the fact that they've lost something dear to them. With Daichi it was his wife and children to a wild fire hundereds of years ago.

Sealed State--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



*camouflage: ---


release phrase: Shatter the ground with your roar, Daichi Hazumi Musha


Ability: It gives Kami control of the earth within a twenty foot radius of her position.

Weakness: It's not very good at close range do to being very long.

Attacks: Koudo Yajuu (Earth beast)
By stabbing her spear into the ground, Yami can summon a huge tiger like beast to send at her opponents. It's very powerful, and effective, with a 80% accuracy range. The down side, it takes a lot of energy and the enemy can move for the attack to miss.


Appearance: (has not unveiled bankai yet)

*Character Change: (how does your character change due to this release)

Ability: (what does your bankai do)

Weakness: (self explanatory)

Attacks: (most of you know these as "techs")
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Daichi Hazumi Musha
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