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 Jiga Ei

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Kaze Daizaemon
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PostSubject: Jiga Ei   Fri Dec 25, 2009 6:00 pm

General information-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name: Jiga Ei Self Victory

Type: Melee/Projectile

sub-type: Neither

Family: Metal

Inner World: The zanpaktou's inner world is a giant world of metal that stretches of forever. In the sky is Jiga the sprit of the zanpaktou who watches constantly. The plain has 1 spot that isn't metal in the center that is grass. The grass is the only place someone could stand. The sky is even made of metal spikes. The farther you go in any direction the spikes grow closer to eachother on the ground and in the air and the ones above come closer to the ground. Eventually leaving no room to the particle level on all sides at the edges of the world.


Jiga Ei is a giant that is constantly covered in a pile of scrap metal. He talks to Kaze through this giant pile of scrap metal and Ashere doesn't question his methods.

Height: Unknown for he is always in a 100ft pile of trash in the sky

Weight: Uknown for he is always in a 100ft pile of trash in the sky

Personality: Secretive yet confident in the ability of Kaze. He is very cryptic and never gives straight answers. He will never repeat himself and will never say a similar thing twice.

Habits: Gives advice in times that is cryptic and not perfect however after the time has passed and if the time allows for reflection on the logic and reasoning that Jiga has given it is almost always correct and true. However it can be interpreted many ways and only the wise can interpret the words of Jiga which Kaze assumes means him.

Soul Connection: Jiga reflects the thoughtful and intelligent side of Kaze which shows itself in some instances however Jiga is the absolute opposite of Kaze when he first got his zanpaktou. His mind has been changed about things since then.

Sealed State--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ashido in its sealed form is a 4 ft. normal Katana blade. No special tricks in its sealed state just a normal katana. The guard is fairly small ranging about 1 inch in each direction and is made of a gold like substance. The guard is of a weaker metal than the rest of the blade. The actual sheathe of the blade which sticks with it the whole way through is a black sheath. No markings or scratches of insignias just a plain black sheath.

Type: Katana

*camouflage: A sheate as described in the sealed description


release phrase: Jiga Ei teach them the error of their unjust ways.

Ashido forms into a liquid metal form. The liquid metal will have properties explained in shikai ability. The metal if not formed into anything will just fall onto the ground wherever it lay. However when Ashere uses his mental connection with his zanpaktou to form it into a metallic object.

Ability: The blade forms into a liquid substance that would form into any metallic object known to Ashere as well as some combination forms Ex. Shield with a spike in it or Glove with a blade in it. As long as in the end the full size of the object is not larger than about a total 15 sq. ft.

Weakness: Lightning based attacks.

Attacks: Name: Double Form
Ability: When Ashere's Zanpaktou is in Shikai state it will be able to form into 2 different metallic objects instead of just 1 metallic object for a limited amount of time before being forced to become just 1 object again.
Duration: 5 posts
Cooldown: 9 posts
Level: Shikai

Name: Absolute Armor
Ability: Ashere's zanpaktou will form a liquid metal around his body immediatly and fully cover every part of his body. He will be unable to breathe in this state however he could cancel it at any time he wished and up until the duration has been served in case of emergency. However this will protect him from anything not strong enough to break through his zanpaktou.
Duration: up to 3 posts
Cooldown: 7 posts
Level: Shikai


Ashido will reform into a gunblade by way of the liquid metal coming together however it will solidify and be unable to change again and be a gunblade as seen in the picture. The blade is basically a magnum or some form of pistol for a hilt with the barrel attached.

*Character Change: Kaze becomes a wild beast only wanting the kill and will stop at nothing to kill whoever and whatever drew him into this state forgetting all his enemies and allies just going for the kill. The only person who can get to him while in this state is his sister Kenya Solace.

Ability: The blade will form into a new shape [as seen above]. In this state the blade will be able to rise above the hilt and fire 250 metallic spikes that are 5 inches wide and 6 inches long at the enemy at a low level Shunpo speed. The blade could move below the hilt and fire 500 3 inches wide and 4 inches long metallic spikes at about 60-70 mph speeds. The blade could also move to the right of the hilt and fire 750 metallic spikes that are 3 inches wide and 3 inches long at about 40-55 mph speeds. The blade after firing one of these amounts Ashere must wait a few seconds while his spritiual pressure is drained and the gun is refilled with bullets made from his pressure. The purpose of these spikes is to impale the enemy as they are raw power bullets with nothing added unelss otherwise mentioned.

Weakness: Multi angled attacks while being used.

Attacks: Name: Ultimate Spike Burst
Ability: While the blade is in Bankai state Ashere would be able to move the hilt to the left once per battle for a more powerful than any other Bankai power. It would fire 1000 metallic spikes that were each 5 inches long and 5 inches wide.
Duration: 2 posts
Cooldown: the rest of the battle
Level: Bankai
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PostSubject: Re: Jiga Ei   Fri Dec 25, 2009 6:55 pm

will it appears we like similar characters. The gunblade is the main weapon of squall who I based Titus off of, interesting.

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Jiga Ei
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