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 Shiro, Yasei No Hikari

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PostSubject: Shiro, Yasei No Hikari   Mon Mar 29, 2010 12:46 pm

Name : Shiro, The Wild Light \ Shiro, Yasei No Hikari

Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance:

Zanpakuto Spirit Personality: Shiro, doens't really like to fight, he surely prefers to avoid unnecessary battles, staying quiet. He is a very instintive and carefree spirit, which sometimes still cause some problems to Fukki, dispite that Shiro is the perfect hunter, when he comes in action combined with Fukki abilities showing what really means to be a lone wolf.

Zanpakuto Appearance:

In its normal state he caries a kodaichi, making him a very fast and dangerous oponent to defend and hard to hit.

Family: Light \ Sealing

Release Phrase: 'Run and hunt the dark, Shiro' \ 'Wo Jikkō Shi Te , Kurayami Shirō Hanto'

Shikai: Its kodaichi turns into a white light saber which can cut almost anything, it uses more reiatsu than normal, knowing that its made and controlled by Fukki reiatsu all the time, and which leaves a harmfull track of light from its tip as it is swinged which is as sharped as a blade, if its tracks don't get conected they just dissapear by time, but Fukki use they to form the Light Cage a technique where Fukki fools his enemy atacking and retreating until both of they get encaged alone by the rays of light.

Bankai: 'Dilacerate the dark, Shiro' \ Hikisaku Dāku Shirō'

His saber turn into a doubled bladed light sword, gainin high speed movement to confuse his enemy so he can atack it. As he swings it, a great wall of light is formed between the tracks of light from both sides of his saber.


1 - Light Cage \ Hikari no Rōgoku (shikai, Sealing)
Rays of light get junctioned forming a cage, used to lock up the enemy and the user, so he can't run away from the close combat confront.
Duration: 3 turns Cooldown: 4 turns

World of light \ Hikari no Sekai (only in Bankai, Sealing)
The Light Cage upgrade, it turns impossible to see what happens inside of it, inside of it the all white world looks endless no matter where you look, which confuses the enemy with so bright light.
Duration: 5 Cooldown: 3 turns

2- Light Track \ Kei Torakku
As he could draw in the air with his saber, a estatic and constant bright line that cames from its tip, staying totally fixed and estatic in the air for some time there till it dissapears.
Its used to block, trap and difficult movent, as touchin it is really dangerous been sharp as a blade.

While in Light Cage, or in World of Light it became nullfied.
Light track effect duration in shikai 5 turns, in bankai resets and stays 7 turns.
Charge: its autoactived when calling shikai, 2 turns cooldown: 6 and 8

3 - Light Dance \ Hikari no Dansu
As the light tracks are created he can break then with a fast movement with his saber and throw them to hit the enemy like a lance
Cooldown: 1 turns[/quote]
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PostSubject: Re: Shiro, Yasei No Hikari   Mon Mar 29, 2010 4:03 pm

Denied, please use our template.

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Shiro, Yasei No Hikari
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