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 Tenpi Kishou

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Tenpi Kishou
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PostSubject: Tenpi Kishou   Fri Apr 16, 2010 10:06 pm

Name: Tenpi Kishou

Age: 17

Visual Age: 17

Gender: Male

Division: 1st


General Appearance: As far as academy students go, Kishou looks quite average. He wears the normal uniform with a red undershirt, white shirt, and red pants. The emblem of the academy is adorned upon his shitt, though his long black hair slightly obscures it. He goes bare foot because it separates him from his classmates and he believes it makes him faster. His body is lean and muscular, hiding the power that lies within his body.

Reiatsu color: Emerald green

Height: 5”10

Weight: 140

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Body Type: Lean


General Personality: Kishou is the trickster, caring and serious when the situation calls for it, but he is often kind even when he is pranking others. On the other hand, there is Kishou's more serious side. He commonly reacts to weakness with anger, though he tries to save those who are too weak to save themselves. When he is in one of his serious moods, it is usually a result of being on the battlefield.

Most of the time, Kishou is a rather happy-go-lucky type, a bit like Ichimaru Gin, but he doesn't seem anywhere near as mischievous or evil as the old taichou. He is well-known in Soul Society as a drinker, but he has recently decided that sake has too much control over his life and tried to quit. He is playfully cocky, but many take this as actual arrogance.

*Likes: Sake, pranks, jokes, and the sight of blood.

*Dislikes: Sake (it's a love-hate relationship), hollow, and rudeness.

*Hobbies: Writing, reading, training, and thinking up elaborate pranks.

*Habits: Ruffles his hair a lot, strokes his chin.

Fears: Dying alone.


History: Kishou's fall began slowly enough, at the age of seventeen, both of his parents were killed in a hollow attack. Maybe this isn't the right place to start though, we can't just ignore seventeen years of someone's life, can we? Tenpi Kishou was born on August 20th, 1785 in what is now known as Tokyo to a mild-mannered doctor and a rather outspoken housewife. Kishou grew up happy, well-fed, and surprisingly independent. There were times when his parents felt like they needed him more than he need them. Kishou began feeding himself at three months old, crawled into his parents' room at six months, and almost walked right out of the front door of his home at eight months. He was writing kanji at age four and reading them the year before that. All in all, Kishou was a quite advanced child and his parents recognized it completely.

Upon entering school for the first time at age six, the teachers thought that there was something wrong with him. His parents had told the school of all his achievements, but in the classroom, Kishou suddenly seemed to just space out. It was soon found out that the presence of other children his age distracted him, and they couldn't let this little prodigy get distracted, could they? They removed him from the school immediately, and he was given private lessons at home from teachers at the school. He would attempt to play with the other kids when they were outside, and they immediately accepted him, wondering where he had come from. When he told them that he was being home schooled, they began to shun him. He couldn't understand why, but he had acted as if he was better than them because of the fact that he was home schooled.

Fast forward five years, Kishou had been trying his best to not sound like he felt superior to his peers. During the last five years, Kishou's father had begun teaching him the art of sword fighting. Normally this would be seen as strange, the fact that a doctor could sword fight, but Kishou was young and didn't think to question it. At the age of 11, Kishou overpowered his father in a sword fight for the first time, beaming the whole time. Kishou's father just smiled and hugged him, showing just how proud he was. Being able to defeat a human shinigami was no small feat after all. Yes, Kishou's parents were the shinigami protectors of Tokyo, though they did actually find love with each other, they had originally just met as partners. Kishou's father was nowhere near what anyone would call a doctor, it was just his cover. His wife was a former member of 4th squad, so she would use her healing powers on any patient he had. It was a perfectly thought out plan.

Go forward six years, and Kishou had finally found acceptance among his peers. He was the life of the party, he had finally figured out how to relax and just be who he was. Some found his intelligence intimidating, but they soon found out that he was just a normal guy like everyone else. He had continued his sword fighting training and his father had begun kicking up his strength in fights. Battle was exhilarating to Kishou, he soon found out that his father wasn't fighting harder to be mean, but because he had forced him to do so. It seemed that Kishou's father was getting as much out of the training as he was. One night, Kishou could hear his parents hurrying around the house. It was 2 in the morning, so he got out of bed to see what they were doing.

The First Battle
"There's an adjuchas downtown, we have to get there quickly!" he heard his mother say.

They both ran out of the front door and Kishou saw their strange outfits, black kimonos and sandals. Kishou grabbed his sword and ran after them. They ran faster than he would ever be able to do as a human, but maybe this was for the best. In all their speed, Kishou realized that they never saw them.
"I can feel Kishou following us." whispered his mother.

"We'll need his help, let him come." his father said solemnly.

Kishou's mother and father ranged an all out assault on the beast, while his father would fight the beast and distract it, his mother created brilliant lights of red and blue and attacked the beast with them. Kishou watched on as people ran in terror, some of them ran right through the "adjuchas" and didn't even realize it. The thing was about eight feet tall and had a hole right through its stomach. It was pure black except for a white mask with purple scars on the face, it looked like some kind of perverse kind of bear. Kishou watched in slow motion as the adjuchas clawed straight through his parents, completely mutilating their bodies. Kishou screamed as he tried to comprehend everything that just happened, but he was interrupted by the sound of his father's voice.
"Pick up my sword and defeat this beast before he can destroy any others." he said

His parents had taken a translucent, ethereal form and appeared right before him.

"How? How can I fight this thing if you couldn't?" Kishou said.

"Kishou, you surpassed me long ago, you'll find your strength within that sword." he said.

Kishou charged onto the battlefield, leaping over his father's dead body and grabbing the sword that had clanged against the ground just seconds before. He lifted the three foot long sword which was surprisingly light. Kishou smiled with a look of complete unsureness. He charged at the adjuchas slicing its back with a quick motion. The adjuchas turned around quickly and got on its two back feet, realizing that he had made a mistake by ignoring this opponent. The adjuchas began to claw at him and he felt hot blood flow from his face.

"This is battle without barriers." he thought.

His senses kicked into overdrive, he blocked the claws immediately, making the hollow go off balance. He lunged into the hollow, piercing what would have been his heart. He quickly pulled the sword from the hollow's body, ready to attack again. He felt the hollow's claws cross his forehead and he immediately grabbed the hollow with his right arm and threw it into the ground with a surprising burst of strength. His right foot smashed into the hollow's back and his sword flew through its neck, decapitating him easily.

Kishou walked away from his now dead opponent and took the time to look at the sword. The blade was smooth with a crimson red blade. Three pure white gems had been inserted into the blade and the guard was made of the same material. The blade's hilt was a combination of crimson red and pearly white. His parents appeared in that same form in front of him again.

"We won't be here for much longer, someone will be by to send us back to Soul Society soon enough." his father said.

"You've got incredible power within you... Don't let it go to waste." his mother said, beaming at him.

"Fight for what is right... Someday, your powers will awaken." his father said.

The thing was that Kishou already knew about his powers, though his parents' having shinigami powers was news to him, he had been fighting his inner shinigami for years. In fact, he could now sap the strength of his inner shinigami without weakening his own body. He had been becoming more and more corrupt for years, unknown to either of his parents.

"Yeah." he said slowly "...Someday."


There was nothing... the world surrounding him was pure chaos, wave after wave cresting over the makeshift boat, thunder drumming against his ears. But none of it was real, it was all just the world within the zanpakuto. He had renounced the evil within him after his parents' deaths, realizing that nothing would dishonor them more than using his powers for evil. He rose up and found himself jolted from the world, unable to speak to the old man in the boat.

Weeks after his parents' deaths, Kishou had been found by another shinigami defender who would be taking his parents' position. Over the past few weeks, Kishou had been bonding with this shinigami and finding out that he could go to Soul Society in order to learn how to truly harness his powers. His father's zanpakuto seemed attuned to his soul somehow, but nothing could result from his power unless he went off to the academy.

So he left his body behind in the human world, complete with a mod soul to live out his life. It would've been easier to just disappear, but if he decided against this shinigami life, he always had humanity to return to...

The Academy


Kishou's sword lopped off the dummy's head in one fell swoop as he smiled at the instructor who stared at him with brief amazement. “Again!”

Kishou was an anomaly, human shinigami usually didn't openly decide to leave their lives behind. As he stood there in his academy uniform, he smiled to himself as he mortally wounded the dummy in the places where its chain of fate and soul sleep would be. He looked towards the sky and found that he could feel his parents smiling at him, telling him that this was where he belonged.
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PostSubject: Re: Tenpi Kishou   Sat Apr 17, 2010 11:43 pm

im sorry tenpi but this site is no longer operational. Thank you for registering but there is really no need since the place is dead.

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Tenpi Kishou
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