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 Role Play Walkthrough

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PostSubject: Role Play Walkthrough   Sat Dec 26, 2009 9:54 pm

Ranking information

The sites power scale is based on your level of Reiryoku.Reiryoku is measured 0 (being the lowest) to 1,000,000 (being the highest). You gain Reiryoku by posting. Each post will have a specific value based on how many sentences you have in a post. Each sentence is worth 10 reiryoku. The least reiryoku you can gain in a post is 50 (this is because our site requires you to have a minimum of 5 sentences in a post, anything less wont be accepted) with no limit on how much to can gain in total in one post. Note that it is required to end your post with how many sentences are in that post. Below is an example of how it should look.If a post does not have a sentence count it will not be scored, we are not here to babysit you.


You are required to post how many sentences you have made in one week in the Sentence Submissions section of the forum. There is a specific way to post your sentences that will be described in a topic in the Sentence Submissions section to will give you a detailed explanation of how to submit your sentences. Your race leaders and admins will then tally up how much Reiryoku you have gained for that week and will be issued to your profile as soon as possible (usually by late Monday to Tuesday). We will only accept sentences on Saturday/Sunday and not accept any sentences after Sunday at 12 am EST. We will however allow you to include the sentences you failed to submit in next weeks submission.We will also accept no less than 50 sentences (10 posts) for one week. It you have less than this than it will be rolled over to next week as well.










Tier System

Reiryoku is used to place you in a specific Tier. These tiers will be used to determine how fights will go according to power not ability.If i fight between a tier member for 4 vrs 5 (or something like that) the fight is in favor of tier 5 member. If the person is separated by two tiers the lesser tier member hardly stands a chance. If a fight occurs by three or more tier difference its impossible (unless some special ability makes it possible) to win. Tiers will be visible when posting as they will appear under your names. Tiers will be updated with the change in reiryoku. You will NOT be notified when you change tiers, that is something for you to be aware of as it is clearly visible. Do not ask for us to change your tier unless your reiryoku has passed the mark and we overlooked it somehow. If this happens give us at least a day to get to changing tiers due to us being extremely busy with updating everyone's reiryoku and some of us prefer to finish reiryoku updates before updating tiers. Tiers are broken down into 16 groups, Tier 0 being the weakest and Tier 15 being the strongest. Here is the breakdown of tiers.


RP Profile

It is required that you have a RP Profile on the site, as it is a quick reference to what your race and rank are. You must also have to have a RP Profile to participate in "success rate" rolls. To generate a RP Profile is easy and most people familiar with forummotion are used to using this. Simply go to your profile page in the red glowing text at the top of the page in the navigation bar. From their, look at the top of the page again, just under the navigation bar you should see some text that include words like: information, signature, avatar. At the end of this list is the link labeled "RP Profile". Click on the link to be redirected to the RP Profile page. Fill in the entries with the APPROPRIATE information. I will not stand for any random text in these fields and it will result in punishment by reiryoku reduction. After your done simply hit generate sheet (or save if you have already generated a sheet.). You are responsible to fill out this information and keep it up to date, other members cannot edit this information for you.

Success Rates

Numerous times throughout this walkthrough I have mentioned a thing called "success rate" (originally called Dice Rolls). This is a function that is hardly ever seen in forums ran by forummotion due its its lack of understanding and, quite honestly, lack of general usage. I however have found a use for such a thing and know it will greatly impact certain aspects of game play. These things include graduation, shinigamification, hollowfication, and weapons that deal with changing aspects ( a good example is my Resurreccion.) now classified as "Game Type Weapons". Success rate is used to measure if you pass or "win" at a certain activity, such as graduation for shinigami. Lets say you have a 66% chance at passing the academy this time around. You would need to get a 33 or higher on your success rate score.

How do you do this you ask? First of all must rely to a topic, NOT quick reply. You can do this by clicking the "Add reply" button on at the top of the topic or at the bottom of the topic. Underneath the text entry window will be the words "success rate #1" and a drop down window next to it. Select the action you want to preform from the drop down window. This is all you need to do to preform the action and it will take place as soon as you post. The user "Lady Luck" will post your results and you may rp out the result after wards. Note that you have the ability to post numerous success rates at one time but you are not allowed to do so. If you do post more than one success rate then you will have a reiryoku loss as it is impossible to not do two on purpose (unless you are a complete idiot in which case you would deserve it anyway).

This is all the information you will need to RP here at Bleach New Edge. I hope You have fun time here as I know I will. Remember to play smart and remember the rules. Also remember to view the topic "Helpful Topics" in the announcements section of the forums or check back here if you are lost with something. If all else fails, pm a member of the staff and they will be happy to answer your question.

-Titus, administrator
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Role Play Walkthrough
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