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 what you need to know about training:

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PostSubject: what you need to know about training:   Mon Dec 28, 2009 9:16 pm

Ok so I know this might be self evident, but hay you never know.

So, here is what you need to keep in mind when training at the different areas and posting at the dorms:

Zanjutsu grounds:

Here we have various things to do. One you can train on dummies that are set up for your convenience. Two you can spar with a teacher to learn moves or perfect your swordsmanship in general. You can also challenge a friend here with the supervision of a teacher. Also keep in mind there are wooden swords here so that you don't injure your selves to much in the training

Hakuda training grounds:

Here you can challenge the teacher or a friend, with the supervision of a teacher, and fight to improve your Hakuda skills.

Kido training grounds:

Here you can learn Kido from a teacher or go it alone by learning from a tome.

Sparring grounds:

Here you can spar with each other after you have learned the arts of what ever you wish to spar with.


Here is a place to rest after your classes and do what ever you wish. Also as a side note you can double post here only after you have taken at least one class after you posted before.

The Exam room:

This is not necessarily training per-say but it is important to you graduating. This is the room where the tests will be administered so that you can try your luck at entering a Division and gain your shikai.
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what you need to know about training:
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