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 Kido Learning Rules

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PostSubject: Kido Learning Rules   Thu Dec 31, 2009 2:30 am

Ok so this is what's going to happen for Kido:

There are A LOT of Kido out there, and to make things fair and more easy as it should be this is what you need to be able to use Kido.

1) Kido up to 30 you need to have 50 sentences of you learning that Kido.

2) Kido 31 to 60 you need 150 sentences

3) Kido 61 to 90 you need 300 sentences

4) Last but not least the most powerful Kido that one is able to learn (that isn't Forbidden) level 99 is 500 sentences of learning said Kido.

After which an Admin/mod will check the thread. If it is found to be well put together we will allow you to have that Kido. If not we may ask you to put more in to it.
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Kido Learning Rules
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