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 Division 3 Information

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PostSubject: Division 3 Information   Fri Jan 01, 2010 7:38 pm

General Information

The 3rd Division is the unit that are responsible of the act of sending out shinigami to gather information, and sometimes work in cooperation with 2nd Division agents on more serious missions. They are also the ones that sort all outgoing and incoming information before sending them to the 12th Division for storage.

The insignia for the Third Division of the Gotei 13 is the marigold, which Izuru explains represents "despair."[1]

All Division 3 members are very close friends and tend to drink after missions.

Division 3 was required to do manual labor after Gin's departure as repentance.

Anime/Manga Information

No current Captain

Has four known officers: Izuru Kira, Inose, Aide, and Kano

a former Captain is a member of the Vaizards : Rose

Kira was born March 27th

Kira's parents are both deceased

Kira belongs to a lesser noble family

Kira was a member of Divisions 5 and 4 before being sent to division 3.

Additional Information

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Division 3 Information
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