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 Division 7 Information

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PostSubject: Division 7 Information   Fri Jan 01, 2010 8:31 pm

General Information

The 7th Division is in charge of planning, coordinating, and executing large missions. Everything is run through their division first, and if approved, the 7th Division gathers the required shinigami from each division, assembles them, assigns duties, plans the attack, coordinate the shinigami according to the mission, execute the attack, and then keep maintenance over it. That includes sending out more reinforcements and information regarding the mission.

The Insignia for the 7th Division of the Gotei 13, is the Iris. The meaning behind this symbol is Courage.

Anime/Manga Information

Current Captain is Sajin Komamura

Current Lieutenant is Tetsuzaemon Iba

Komamura's birthday is August 23rd

He is Canine in appearance

He is also 9' 4" making him the tallest Captain

Iba's birhtday is July 18th

Iba is President of the Shinigami Men's Association

Additional Information

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Division 7 Information
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