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 Division 9 Information

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PostSubject: Division 9 Information   Sun Jan 03, 2010 6:20 pm

General Information
The 9th Division prevents information from leaking, as well as information being stolen. Their shinigami work close with the 12th Division research facility, to protect it from outside influence. They also prevent important information from leaking into Rukongai, especially information that could cause an uproar or mass panic. Adding to this, they are also in charge of dealing with tactics and warfare against intelligent beings and massive hollow gatherings, and are the ones responsible for any counter tactics when Seireitei is under attack. 9th Division is also in charge of the memory-replacing that has to be done after shinigami fight in the living world.

The insignia for the 9th Division of the Gotei 13 is the buttercup. The meaning behind this symbol is oblivion.

Anime/Manga Information

No Current Captain

Current Lieutenant is Sheui Hisagi

Kaname Tosen and Kensei Muguruma were both Former Captains who became Vaizards

The 9th Division is known to be in charge of the Seireitei news magazine. All the lieutenants of the divisions of Gotei 13 hand in their reports to them.

Hisagi was born August 14th

Hisagi has three hollow claw scars on the right side of his face

Hisagi hates the shape of his shikai

Additional Information

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Division 9 Information
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