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 Kido Corps Information

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PostSubject: Kido Corps Information   Sun Jan 03, 2010 7:01 pm

General Information

The Kido Corps Commander is the captain of the Kidou Corps; is a separate branch of Soul Society's military that excels in the art of Kidō. It takes students from the Shinigami Academy that excel in Kidō and trains them to further their abilities in said area. They are also responsible for all sealing and magical workings inside Soul Society, as well as recording and storing any new kidou as well as the for opening the Senkaimon between the human world and Soul Society. . Its operations are executed in absolute secrecy, little else is known.

Additional Information

Know the rules well

Must be able to recite 20 kido from memory. This includes type, number, and name.
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Kido Corps Information
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