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 Kokushu Mendoi

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Kokushu Mendoi
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PostSubject: Kokushu Mendoi   Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:02 pm

Name: Kokushu 'Koku' Mendoi

Age: 431

Visual Age: 21

Gender: Male

Division: 2nd


General Appearance: Tenkai stands at 5'11 and weighs 251 pounds, has fair skin with a slight tan, body is very musuclar and defined, and has long brown hair that he wears in a ponytail.

Reiatsu color: red, White fade when flared or released

Height: 5'11

Weight: 180

Hair Color: white

Eye Color: Red

Body Type: Lean, Muscular

Additional Information: Has a Tattoo of a Coy fish that covers the right side of his body.


General Personality: Out going and usually pretty laid back. He has a growing Obsession with Ninjas. Can be disciplined but has an ablity to simply cut lose and joke. Not violent unless Ticked off, But wont hesitate to kill someone who's endangering him or his friends. Goes by the motto of 'Its Only Business' . He is a serious Womanizer and usually gets in trouble chasing women.

Likes: Enjoys relaxing from time to time as well as the occasional sky/star gazing. Usually can be seen training or laughing and joking however. Strong People, Fighters. Women.

Dislikes: those who pity themselves, who can be strong but dont try. People who judge, Those who'd Rather Hide behind someone else then fight.

Hobbies: Enjoys to train in his spare time to improve himself as much as possible. Also enjoys Picking up women.

Habits: He often loses focus and has a habit of Getting into trouble Chasing women

Fears: Fears being Betrayed again.


Kokushu is a young person, so obviously he hasnt had much history. he was born and raised in Kurakara town's Ghetto. at the age of 5 his mother died and he was placed into the care of his uncle and -once- employer, Ebiru 'Oyabun' Ryuugen. whilst in his care he learned many thing about the 'other side of the law' even though as a young kid he promised himself he wouldnt dab to far into his uncles affairs. his father -who is also deceased- was adopted (unbeknown to him) and his last memory of his father was in the form of a envelope he received within it was a small wooden badge with a skull enblazed into it. since receiving it he's worn it in his back pocket everyday since his 13th birthday (when he got it) his father was a Shinigami, and as such Kokushu has always had the ability to see spirits. shortly after turning 15 his uncle put him into Kenjutsu and Boxing classes. on his 17th birthday He was hired on full time by his uncle, Taking up the role of second head assassin. Under this role he learned the ways of assassination and quickly mastered them. In only two years he stepped up and surpassed his former sensei, Taking charge of the Assassinations. Being his uncles only next of Kin he was also thrust given the role of second commander of his Yakuza Branch. Naturally he began to grow followers, and had his own miniature Yakuza Branch, however with all good things, there's bad. Shortly after his 21st birthday his previous Second in command began secretly spreading word that he was planning a overturn. In Response he was Killed while incarcerated for false charges. he Was then sent To the rukon where he quickly joined the shinigami academy in hopes of obtaining new Powers and being able t fight once more.
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PostSubject: Re: Kokushu Mendoi   Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:41 pm

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Kokushu Mendoi
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