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 Kokushu Mendoi's Zanpakuto

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Kokushu Mendoi
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PostSubject: Kokushu Mendoi's Zanpakuto   Thu Jan 07, 2010 5:17 pm

General information-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name: Godai (5 greats)

Type: elemental

Family: holy (it has to do with gods.. so holy I guess)

Inner World: Koku’s inner world is separated into 5 separate parts, The first being a wide grassy plane with strong winds, its watched over by a White Tiger (Byakko), the temperature is mild, almost like the fall season. The Second is a Cascading waterfall, it has a large river running into the planes beneath it and above the water fall is a huge lake, and in this lake is this lands guardian, a Black Turtle (Genbu). The weather here is more of a Cold winter. Beyond that is a High rising mountain Range, the mountain’s however treacherous, have a Moderate damp climate, these mountains are guarded by a large Golden Dragon (Ouryu). The mountains dump off into a Low valley, this valley is barren, covered with ask and molten lava from the Giant Volcano above it, it is extremely hot and sunny here. Within the Volcano resides a giant Fiery Phoenix (Suzaku). Above the volcano is the Last part, a Skytop Plain with a almost heavenly like appearance. In the center is a dojo, this Dojo is Guarded by an Azure Dragon (Seiryuu).


Appearance: The Zanpakuto spirit is split into 5 entities, each glows a different color and each taking a miniature form when talking in the real world; a white orb, a Black orb, a Tiny Golden Dragon, a tiny Azure Dragon, and a small Red celestial bird.

Height: (In Spirit world: Byakko: 7 feet long, Genbu: 20 feet long about 12 feet tall, Ouryu: about 30 feet long and about 5 feet tall, Suzaku: about 10 feet long, has a wing span of 12 feet, Seiryuu: about 40 feet long and 10 feet tall) In the real world they range from 5-9 inches

Weight: virtually weightless in the real world, maybe a few ounces to a pound (spirit world: Byakko: 200 Lbs, Genbu: 2 tons, Ouryu: 900 Lbs, Suzaku: 450 Lbs, Seiryuu: 1400 Lbs)

Personality: Byakko has a warriors mentality, and is usually brash. Genbu is calm, and usually just goes with the flow. Ouryu is Stubborn and almost emotionless. Suzaku is feisty, yet elegant. Seiryuu is stuck up, Has a godly like feel and is usually the leader.

Habits: Byakko often deems people weak or Strong and charges into battle at 100% no matter what. Genbu is usually slow on deciding but delivers Crushing blows. Ouryu has a strong definition of Right and wrong and can sometimes be a bore. Suzaku is dangerous, and has a nasty habit of playing tricks on those it encounters for fun. Seiryuu is the strongest of the five and has a habit to seize control, it wont give its powers until all five others are mastered.

Soul Connection: Each entity represents a different side of Kokushu.

Sealed State--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Appearance: a Black blade, Red hilt with a golden string hanging from the end. The hilt is a bright white with Blue accents.

Type: katana


release phrase: Shēng Kè, Godai (Creation & Destruction, Godai)

Appearance: The blade length stays the same, the hilt changes to white and the blade’s elemental state varies depending on which ability is active

Ability: To harness four of the five gods and unleash their powers.

Weakness: He can only use one at a time. (one element per post)


Byakko- The blade is white but it has wind ensnarling it. This makes Koku able to slash wind blades at an opponent and create a tornado.

Weakness: It is the weakest of all of Koku’s abilities and usually leaves him lacking a strong defense.

Genbu- The blade turns black with a white hilt and had an orb of water infront of it. It can turn water to ice and shoot it at opponents, freezing what ever the ice touches for two posts(if it touches a hand that hand is frozen etc), also use water as a shield.

Weakness: Second weakest ability and creates only a mild defense. The ice can be broken with 2 shikai state attacks or 1 bankai state (that includes regular punching or slamming in bankai)

Ouryu- The blade changes to stone and Koku gains a stone shield. Usually only used for a short time to Block a strong attack

Weakness- the sword is heavy and slow, but the shield is Koku’s strongest defense, blocks most attacks (unless the person is considerably stronger then Koku)

Suzaku- The blade changes to a red with a red hilt, Koku’s hands become emblazed in fire and he is able to use fire in all his attacks. (send fire slashes, punches etc.) It’s the strongest form of Godai.

Weakness- Abandons almost all forms of extra blocking (can only bock with hands or sword)


Appearance: The blade becomes almost clear and gains a white glow.

*Character Change: the five elements take form, Left hand- enswirled with fire, right hand- enswirled with water. A orb of wind and one of earth circle him.

Ability: Seiryuu- allows Koku to use up Two at the same time and gives him heightened senses, reflexes and powers.

Weakness: Takes almost all of Koku’s Reishi and leaves him almost tapped.

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PostSubject: Re: Kokushu Mendoi's Zanpakuto   Sat Jan 09, 2010 4:33 pm

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Kokushu Mendoi's Zanpakuto
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