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 Race Leaders

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PostSubject: Race Leaders   Tue Dec 22, 2009 4:55 am

By now some of you will have noticed at least three members of the site have been given a huge lead on everyone else. These three members are your race leaders and administrators. These men and women have been chosen based on role playing background and personal experience with dealing with these members.

The role of race leaders is somewhat different then what you are accustomed to. The race will be handling all things role playing in their area of the forum. An example would be that I, being leader of the Vaizards, well deal with all shinigami ( that have chosen the Vaizard path), zanpaktou, hollow mask, and sentence submissions by all Vaizard members. This ,as well as general race leadership, is the role of the race leaders. We will coordinate different scenarios with one another to spark fights and peace between races to shape the forum so that the forum does not die out like numerous past forums have to to inactivity and thrill.Note that the humans,Quincy, and bount will only have moderators for all three 'living races' , this is due to the lack of activity in these three races. If I find that these races becoming more desirable I will assign an admin to there ranks.

Don't be discouraged though, all race leader positions are OPEN positions and should be desired like every other position. note that obtaining such position would require very long hours of training and dedication on the site but it is not impossible however. Here is a list of current race leaders

Shinigami Kenya
Arrancar/Hollow empty
Vaizards Titus
Human empty
Quincy Jan
Bount empty
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Race Leaders
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