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 Tatsuya Anokoku

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Tatsuya Ankoku
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PostSubject: Tatsuya Anokoku   Wed Jan 13, 2010 8:50 pm

Name: Tatsuya Anokoku

Age: 85

Visual Age: 18

Gender: Male

Division: 5th


General Appearance: Look at avatar

Reiatsu color: Grey

Height: 6 feet

Weight: 167 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Red

Body Type: Athletic

*Additional Information: He has a scar down his right eye, and a scar that goes down diagonally on his chest.


General Personality: Tatsuya is a very serious person, or rather that's the only way of portraying himself to others that he has ever been shown. His time growing up in Rukongai has made him cold and calculating, often using deceit as a way to get ahead if the situation deems it. Living in such a way would obviously make him an outcast to others.

Fears: Though he tries to hide his emotions from others, you can never hide fear. He has been through many things in his life and many things he has learned to get over, but there is one fear in particular that haunts him. It is a common fear for most people, and that fear is of death. Tatsuya has never feared his own death, but rather the death of those he holds close to him. Over his years of hard living he has seen family and friends die before him. This fear also subconsciously keeps him from forming relationships with others, for fear of them being dragged away.

History: Tatsuya has lived his life in the 80th district of Rukongai, a hardscrabble, violent, crime-infested area. Death, thievery, and sinning was all that was there to teach a young boy while he became a man. Living in a place such as this, with no mother, father, or relatives he was forced to make a "family" with those who were left to their own devices as he was. This ragtag "family" quickly became one of the largest gangs the area had ever seen, specializing in murder-for-hire and the occasional heist. Their growth became so substantial that the gang began to gain territory in the other districts, bringing havoc and mayhem with them where ever they went. The news of this soon made its way back to Sereitei, where soon enough shinigami were sent to quell this before it began to affect those who truly mattered (the rich).

As the shinigami made their way there they were met with heavy resistance from the gang, but soon enough they were done away with, leaving only less than a fraction of them left after the conflict. Others began to flee, but Tatsuya stood his ground. These people had just killed members of the only family he knew, there was no way he was going to back down now. Wielding only a butchers knife he ran in slashing furiously at any shinigami that dared make their way closer to him. Soon enough the shinigami figured that fighting this guy would cause more problems than it would solve, but they were impressed with his willingness to continue his rebellion even though the "rebellion" had obviously been ended. They offered him a choice, come back to Sereitei with them and become a student in the academy and learn to become a shinigami, or stay here in Rukongai where there was nothing left for him. This decision was an easy one for Tatsuya, as they had said, there was nothing left for him in Rukongai. His family had been killed and more than likely the rivals he had accumulated during his time in this gang would probably use this time to do him in. With that he decided to follow the shinigami back to Sereitei and become a student, maybe now he'd have a decent shot at life.
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PostSubject: Re: Tatsuya Anokoku   Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:36 pm

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Tatsuya Anokoku
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