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PostSubject: Site Storyline   Tue Dec 22, 2009 5:45 am

Bleach New Edge

During the invasion of Karakura Town, Aizen successfully created the King's Key despite the shinigami and Vaizards attempt to stop him.In an act of sacrifice, Captain Commander Yamamoto ordered an emergency firing of the kido cannon aiming at the world of the living itself. The firing occurred just moments before Aizen entered the Kings Palace.The result of the firing caused deaths of all those present in the world of the living, along with the destruction of the Seireitei and a good majority of Hueco Mundo. Few survivors managed to escape with their lives. The threat was gone, but at what price? Each race spent the later years rebuilding their former kingdoms.

The humans, not knowing why half their world had been destroyed, slowly formed their old societies. The rate of super humans had increased however. After the attack more and more people emerged with strange powers that few could identify and were banished as monsters. These groups of super humans eventually found on another and formed alliances. These groups constantly fought for power amongst one another until they were united under one rule by the strongest of all the super humans. This leader formulated a system of government and laws for this rogue race until it because a full functioning culture that many of the races have come to respect.

The shinigami found life tough after the firing of the cannon. They had lost the most good men and woman from it and it showed in their redevelopment. All was not lost however, for two Captains made it out of the blast alive. These two being Captains Kuchiki and Zaraki, who had been safe in the portion of Hueco Mundo that didn't suffer damage, were the inspirations of the coming age. Byakuya took role as Captain Commander and focused on the rebuilding of Soul society while kenpatchi Zaraki trained the coming up shinigami and assigned them to divisions. Slowly but surely Soul society regained its former glory.

The hollows found little change in their lifestyle. They still killed, devoured, and destroyed as much as they could.Aizen had paved the way to shinigamification for them however. Arrancar began to form on their own as powerful hollows ripped the mask from their flesh to gain more power. The arrancar who had done so were quick to rebuild the castle of Los Noches. It wasn't long before another king took the throne of Heuco Mundo and the Espada were reassembled. The Arrancar tired harder and harder to perfect the ways of shinigamification until they had gone as far as they could go. The arrancar became more and more powerful with every rip of a mask. Slowly the hollows started building an army of arrancar that lay in waiting for the orders of attack to be sound.

The race of Vaizards had also seen increases. In one special occurrence 2000 years after the firing of the cannon, one forth of the shinigami in the sereitei went through hollowfication. Nothing like this had happened before and it took a major toll on the shinigami forces .Central 46 banned every shinigami that had gone through the process to the world of the living, like those before them, without thinking of any possible alliance, labeling them hollows. The massive amount of Vaizards didn't separate from one another though, instead they roamed from place to place trying to find a reasonable home. One year, a bright Vaizard came up with an idea to use the secluded Dangai worlds Valley of Screams as a place to live, as it had been used by a previous group of people. The Vaizards were skeptical at first but agreed to try it. They found the place more than suiting as a place to live. The place was just big enough to form their own version of the seireitei know as Tel Vadenia, the Vaizards holy city. The Vaizards adopted a new form of government as well as laws to go with them but still keep their secretive nature, hardly leaving the Dangai world.

This site takes place 5000 years after the firing of the kido cannon. Each race is on edge waiting for the other to make a move. Will war break free or will this illusion of peace carry on until someone dares to break it? Who will takes sides with who? The world is fresh and new, waiting for blood to be spilled. I invite you all to join me in a race for dominance and power, here at Bleach: New Edge!
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