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 Jacob's Zanpakuto (Completed)

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Jacob Bishop
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PostSubject: Jacob's Zanpakuto (Completed)   Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:37 pm

General information-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name: Kuroiookami (Ice Wolf)

Type: Elemental

Family: Ice

Inner World:



Height: 7'1

Weight: 375 lbs

Personality: Kuroiookami's personality for lack of a better word can be described as icy. She is in many ways a mirror image of how Jacob is perceived to be, however she is a much more severe case. She appears to be indifferent to Jacob as a wielder but in fact shares a strong understanding of the young shinigami's feelings and somewhat sympathiseswith them. She is however easily angered by Jacob, particularly when he chooses to ignore any wisdom she may impart on him or does not pickup things as quickly as she would like.

Habits: Snarling when annoyed, cleaning herself publicly etc (general wolf/dog things)

Soul Connection: Cold personality, Slightly Reclusive(although the inner world is more evidence of this than Kuroiookami)

Sealed State--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



camouflage: A white snowboard, with a design of a blue wolf on its underside. It magnetises to Jacob's back so that he can carry it around unhampered (a la zangetsu). It is strong enough that it can block sword strikes without seemingly visible damage.


release phrase: Kirisaku no inkou(roughly translates to "tear out their throat")

Appearance: Jacob grips the hilt of his zanpakuto with both hands as he speaks the release command. The entire sword will glow blue briefly before shrinking in size. When the initial glow has faded an icy blue guantlet in the shape of a wolfs paw will appear on both of Jacob's hand.

Ability: Kooriookami's powers center around the creation and manipulation of ice in order to both attack enemies and defend Jacob from harm. The greater the amount of water in the area the easier it is for jacob to create the various structures and weapons he utilises for combat, also the more easily he can freeze a target. Kooriookami's ability to freeze is magnificent as he can infact freeze any exposed liquid including but not limited to poison, water, acid & blood. (Freezing blood would cause the effect to extend into the rest of the body, roughly 1 litre of blood per post that Jacob remains in direct contact with the opponent. Once contact is broken the freezing will stop and there blood will melt back to normal.)

Weakness: Heat can melt Jacobs ice and with enough force it can be shattered.

Attacks: Hyoushin(Ice Quake) - Jacob freezes the ground and creates ice spikes hoping to impale his opponent. since it is a ground based attack it is easily dodged.

Hyou (Hail) - an attack using the basis of his freezing powers. He creates large hail stones and launches them at an opponent doing blunt force damage. The size of the hail stones can range between 6-8 tennis ball sized to 1-2 bowling ball sized.

Tsurara Kagai (Icicle Assault) - Very similar in to Hyou. He creates between 6-8 large icicles and launches them at the oponent, instead of causing blunt force damage they pierce the target.

Seiteki Koori Tsukuru (Static Ice Make) - The ability most commonly displayed by jacob. It involves his creation of weapons or minor structures out of ice. (by structures i mean walls, small shelters, domes etc)


Appearance: Jacob's hair grows significantly longer until it reaches mid back length, it also changes to a pale white with blue streaks in it; his eyes also glow a pale blue. Glowing blue patterns appear all over Jacob's body, akin to trial designs. He also gets a cowl that appears to be made out of white wolf fur. A wolfs skull hangs on his right shoulder why the rest of the fur extends down his left. (think renji's fur). The guantlets remain unchanged when in bankai.

Ability: Exactly the same as his shikai with the addition of being able to make autonomous ice creatures (wolves, behemoths etc)

Weakness: Extreme Heat

Attacks: Nadare(Avalanche) - Jacob freezes every bit of water vapor in the air makes and it become snowflakes which amasses into a big avalanche that crushes everything in it's path. This is Jacob's most dangerous and powerful ability.

Hauringu Kaze (Howling Wind)- Sends out a blast of arctic wind, coating everything within its path in 3 inch thick layer of ice. Can also be used to slow down oncoming projectile attacks.

Douteki Koori Tsukuru (Dynamic Ice Make) - A slighty more advanced version of Seiteki Koori Tsukuru, it allows Jacob to shape the ice he creates into animals or moving objects.

*All shikai moves also carry over*

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PostSubject: Re: Jacob's Zanpakuto (Completed)   Sat Jan 16, 2010 7:17 pm


"....In war, everything is against you. The only thing you can rely on is yourself and your blade. Nothing else will keep you alive. Trust no one but your own instincts. Kill everything and if you do die, you better bring as many damn enemies with you...." -segment of a speech. Order of Swords Regiment Leader, Name: unknown
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Jacob's Zanpakuto (Completed)
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