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 Kickin' back with the skillets

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Reikon Hanpa
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PostSubject: Kickin' back with the skillets   Mon Feb 01, 2010 2:51 pm

Reikon wandered into a small room within the squad thirteen headquarters. Today she looked rather plain. She was wearing eye-liner, but nothing else, her hair was up in a messy bun, and she donned the normal shinigami robes. There was no zanpakuto lying at her waist, on her back, or in any other normal position. Instead Reikon could feel the presence of her zanpakuto coming from the cyan rose which was tucked neatly into her bun. She could easily form it back into a katana if she wanted to, but the rose was lighter, prettier, and Umi preferred the form for some odd reason. Reikon's crimson eyes scanned the small room greedily, this was a part of her new home and she wanted to take in every detail possible. In the room were several chairs scattered around two small tables, placed edge-to-edge to form one big table. All around the wall were various desks and dressers, small tables, and various other furnishings. On top of any small surface was some plant or lamp, as if they were trying to brighten the place up a bit. It is a bit ironic, to be making the place where warriors discuss battle look prettier and more peaceful, but maybe it's there to calm the nerves of the less courageous squad members. She thought to herself curiously, running her bony white fingers along the waxy side of a leaf. She smiled inwardly, a sad smile that meant only one thing. She was thinking of Sakura again. Oh how she would have loved to be here with me. We would have so much fun together, hunting hollows and the like.

As she walked further into the room she noticed that it was completely empty. This disappointed her, she had expected it to have at least a few shinigami. Outside it was raining heavily, the massive grey clouds blocking any and all natural light from seeping down on them. The weather was terrible and yet everyone with a duty was still out there getting the job done. It was a commendable trait, something that Reikon hoped she would develop early, so that she could be a part of her squad completely. She wandered over to a chair, having no duties for today, and removed a small, leather-bound book from the folds of her robes. Opening the book. she leafed through the pages and scanned over the notes. It was her kido journal, which she had retrieved from the Kido Training Grounds shortly before graduating. She had been filling it out through her entire shinigami academy life, up until that fateful day. After that entries became spread out and undetailed, eventually completely ending when she would one day stuff it in the shelves of books and leave it to rot. Four days before graduating, when she headed over to practice her kido, she had found it while perusing the shelves for a good tome of Bakudo, the only form of Kido that she would allow herself to use past the day that she learned it. She paged through the notes, reading them and remembering the good times, something she hadn't done in quite a while without edging on remembering the horrid occurrence, maybe things were starting to look up, maybe she'd move on. She sat in the chair, book on the table, head in her hands, and just read her notes, remembering the classes and the smiling face that had accompanied them for the majority of her time at the academy.




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Kickin' back with the skillets
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