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 The Cool Class

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Kokushu Mendoi
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PostSubject: The Cool Class   Mon Feb 01, 2010 12:14 am

((continued from last post))

“What the hell?” Was all Kokushu could mutter as the conversation took a turn left. Suddenly he was being questioned as if he was a thief, something he didn’t exactly enjoy. But to his surprise, not only was the attention drawn from him but he managed to pick up the necessary insight on a Zanpakuto as well as its three stages; Shikai bankai and Sealed. The Red Hilted blade in his possession had a name, a personality, hell even superpowers. All of which we things he had planned too harness. Before he could completely fade into the background, a ‘super solider program’ was proposed to him. ‘Elite Huh?’ Was all he could think as he shuffled off to his next class. The Kidou room. Yeah, as you can guess, Kido didn’t exactly appeal to the battle hungry Kokushu, So instead he skipped that, As well as the rest of his daily classes, instead finding a nice tree with an ample amount of female companions. Before the day could end, he slipped into a state of slumber under the hues of the red and gold sunset.

The First bell was what invaded his sleep early the next morning; he held his hand above his head, weary of the bright sunlight. This time he had a better grasp on time, and after washing his mouth, ran up the steps into the crowded halls of the academy. He even found his way to his first class, this one being Hand to hand fighting. As he shuffled into the class he saw what appeared to be a room full of sticks. Row after row, line after line, there were countless stick dummies. The kids, about 20 or so, filed in, one after the other and took a seat in the far corner of the room. This just happened to be the only place that looked like you could get a decent sit in, so Kokushu followed suit.

Upon taking his seat he took notice to a nice looking girl to his right.
“Hey… So.. Am I just supposed to sit here and stare at a beautiful woman or do we have to do something slightly, less appealing? “ Kokushu states in his usual, when talking to girls, relaxed tone.
“Uh.. Well.. Erm.. We wait for the teachers instructions then we head off into individual groups of four to do reps.. then we practice solo.. then I think the teacher wants a duel.. but they might run this class a little different, since that’s only what I read.” She spoke, as she did her blush faded and the calm returned to her voice.
“Oh.. Cool.. Wanna be in my Group? Im Kokushu by the way.. but most people call me Koku, What about you?”
“Yes! I mean.. Why not?” She replied, obviously more eager then intended. “Oh and my names Kirei Utsukushii, Nice to meet you.”
“Well.. now that we’re introduced how about we-“ Koku began only to be interrupted by the teachers entrance.
And an entrance it was, not only was she late to her own class, but she was still getting dressed. As she stumbled in she attempted to pull the right sleeve of her gi over the mesh sports bra sort of thing over her chest. This action gathered a collection of stares from the men classmates and blushes from the females.
“Ahem, Class, My name is Kakoken. But you will all refer to me as Sensei.” Although her voice was feminine it gained the attention of the whole class in a sort of ‘look at me’ way. “First we’re going to be splitting into groups of four, im aware there’s an odd number of student in the class, and that will obviously mean that the group of three gets me!” she said with a laugh. “Once in groups ill explain more.”
Although SHE chuckled, Kokushu wasn’t exactly enjoying that, the fact that that Zanjutsu teacher was so strong and that she was probably equal or better, didn’t exactly scream ideal first impression for Kakoken who he was planning on meeting again later that day. Either way he instantly Jump into action, first on his list was Kakoken. Then he scoured the class, until he found a cool looking kid, green hair, rough look, great sparring partner. As I approached Kakoken I noticed most of the other kids were paired already, either way I tapped her on the shoulder and preceded towards the kid who seemed somewhat distracted.
“Yo. I’m Kokushu.. Wanna be in our group? Whats ya name?”
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The Cool Class
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