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 Kidou Class B

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Jacob Bishop
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PostSubject: Kidou Class B   Sun Jan 17, 2010 10:30 pm

Using the map as he had before Jacob made his way towards the Kido Training grounds. Upon his arrival he found that his first Kido class would be taking place inside of a classroom. Turning the smooth wooden handle of the door he pushed it open before stepping inside. One the inside were a number of desks lined up in a 5x4 formation, on top of each desk was a single book titled "Kido: A beginers guide". Inside of the class room was a single man seated on one of the desks his head buried in a book. "Come in pick up your book and then get out." The man said as he raised his head from the book fixing Jacob with a rather uninterested stare.

Stepping quickly into the room Jacob reached to pick up a book on the nearest desk to him. However just as he was about pick the book up, an invisible force pushed his hand to the side. For a few seconds Jacob stared at his hand unable to comprehend why it had inexplicably missed its target. Deciding that it was just one of those unexplained tricks of the mind he again reached for the book. However once again just as the tips of his fingers touched the book his hand was pushed away by an invisible force. Unlike the previous time however he heard a slight mumble come from the direction of the teacher who's head was still buried in the book in his hand. "I wonder" he thought as he once again reached for the book, this time keeping his eyes and ears peeled for any sign of foul play from the instructor.

As he suspected as soon as his fingers touched the book the instructors finger pointed towards it and Jacob heard him mumble once more. As had happened previously his hand was pushed to the side stopping him from picking up the book. "If you dont mind, i'd like you to stop doing that" Jacob said scowling in the teacher's direction. "Took you long enough to notice" The teacher stated chuckling slightly as he closed his book and placed it on the desk he was seated on. Now that the book was not covering his face Jacob could see that the man dark blue hair and eyes to match, he also had a small cross shaped scar of his left cheek. "I am Tetsujima Jo your kido instructor. Today's lesson was on Hado #1 sho. As your homework i want you to learn how to perform this kido. Your textbook will provide you with all the information you need" With that said the blue haired man returned to reading his book, waving his hand in a dismissive fashion in Jacob's direction.

Bowing slightly Jacob picked up the book unimpeeded and stepped out of the room. As he stepped out he immediately made his way back towards his dorm room. His day had been filled with travel, enrollment and his first few lessons and the young shinigami to be was exhausted. He'd have to take care of practicing Hado#1 later on tonight.

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Kidou Class B
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