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 Ryusaki's Dorm

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Ryusaki Toketsu
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PostSubject: Ryusaki's Dorm   Sun Jan 17, 2010 11:57 pm

Ryu shot up from his bed like in the movies when one of the people has a bad dream. Sweating, a cold swat and covered in bandages. His mouth had a slight metallic taste in it but that was to be expected and he knew it. Looking around him all he saw was darkness, and he still had no idea where he was. Only after turning on a light did he finally realize he been taken to his dorm. Searching his pockets he was relieved and at the same time surprised to find the money he had won from beating "fatass" still there. He had put everything he had on that fight, so losing wasn't and option in the first place anyway. Checking himself in the mirror he noticed a few cuts and bruises. His body was still sore and he had what looked like what was coming out to be a black eye. Luckily for him, next time he had class he wouldn't have to deal with that teacher though. But taking the instructor out of commission, was the plan from the start. The initial fights were just a cover story to get the teacher riled up enough to start a fight. It wouldn't have taken much but Ryu didn't like those kids anyway, and he made a couple extra bucks in the process as well. The "student" had offered Ryu a job, a nice hefty sum if he made sure that guy didn't teach in hakuda class for a while. Instead of going through a length process of getting him fired which would get them nowhere, Ryu decided to take a more hands on apprach. Thinking back it probably wasn't the best idea for his health but it got the job done. He had earned a nice stack of cash at the cost of bruised ribs cuts and other bruises. This was nothing compared to what he got on the streets of rukongi while he lived there. Injuries along his arm, cheek and body, from where he was stabbed, slashed and so on. If a large angry gang would do it, it had probably been done to him. He would run his mouth off always to the wrong people and get beat up for it. In turn he learned how to fight crowds, fighting one person just made his life easier. Planning out how things would turn out never hurt either. Anything always turned out to be a weapon quite nicely as well.

His unnamed zanpaktou had laid in a corner of the room as well, every now and then he would carry it. But he never honestly used it except for zanjustsu class, he was good with it. Just more or less not used to using it. Still he left a reign of terror without it, with a bat,flashbang,grenade, and two knives. Ryu had reduced four people to nothing, two were in intensive care, one had a severe concussion. The teacher to top everything off had a broken thighbone, stab wounds and a broken rib. He was not going anywhere, and Ryu's money would be coming soon. Still he felt sorry for those three classmates, they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Caught up in his quest for money. Ryu stared at the clock seeing 3:am, he was fully awake now and nothing to do. Getting up he walked over to a cabinet, he opened it up. It was nothing but a cabinet that could come apart. That is of course, until you peel apart the back compartment, then you find a nice storage of sake. Ryu whipped out and jug and began to drink, enough of that stuff and he would be out in no time. But hearing small explosions out in the distance he tried to get a look out of his window. Bored and still wide awake, Ryu grupped the bottle as he headed out to find the source of the noise.

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Ryusaki's Dorm
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